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Because healing is about more than just treatments and supplements.

At Brisbane Natural Health we know how frustrating it is to have a health complaint. After treating almost 5000 patients across hundreds of different issues, we’ve come to realise that the issues that people have extend far beyond their symptoms. We know that having a health issue significantly impacts the way that you live your life. It stops you from enjoying things like you used to, or might even stop you from doing things altogether. It causes worry and uncertainty that plays on your mind, causing stress and tension.

We don’t just fix symptoms, we fix people.

We help to heal the whole of you so that your symptoms subside for good. Whether you see a naturopath, acupuncturist, massage therapist, hypnotherapist or emotional wellness expert at our Milton clinic, we all have the same ethos: we are passionate about helping uncover what it will take for you, as an individual, to reach your potential through amazing health.

Ten minds are better than one.

At Brisbane Natural Health we specialise in collaborative care. When your health complaints are complex it can help to have more than one set of eyes on them. We have weekly team huddles where our Brisbane acupuncturists, naturopaths, massage therapists and emotional wellness team workshop cases (think Dr. House style). This process means that some real critical thought has gone in to your case and we can work out what the best next steps to take for you are.

Australia’s only natural health memberships are now available.

We offer Australia’s only all inclusive natural health memberships right here at Brisbane Natural Health. We have several membership options from the foundational level right up to memberships that include appointments with any of our naturopaths, acupuncturists, hypnotherapists, energetic healers and massage therapists at our Brisbane clinic.

We want to change your life. Seriously.

We could just fix your symptoms, that’s pretty easy. But what we’re really about is changing your life for good. We want to get you feeling better but also give you the tools to prevent the habits that caused you to get there in the first place. It’s about looking at how we can help you, all of you, mind, body and spirit, to take your health and your life to the next level. Are you ready for that?

What we offer.

Our founder Katherine Maslen has 10 years experience in helping people feel great, is the author of Get Well, Stay Well: Reclaim your health and get back to living and is a leader in the natural health field. Katherine is meticulous when it comes to choosing modalities and the right team members to deliver them, always considering how to get the best outcome for you. With this experience Katherine has chosen to offer naturopathy, acupuncture, remedial massage, hypnotherapy, energetic healing and Chinese massage at our Milton clinic.

We also offer specialist services such as hypnotherapy for weight loss, acupuncture for fertility and IVF, natural fertility care, quit smoking support, pregnancy care and much more. Our practitioners have many specialties between them. Call us on 07 3367 0337 to ask which of our practitioners would be best to treat your condition.

Where we are.

Our clinic is in the inner Brisbane suburb of Milton and we help patients from far and wide, including people that live in Brisbane north, Brisbane west, Brisbane south and Brisbane east. You can drive or catch public transport to our practice – there is plenty of free parking available and we have trains and buses nearby.

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what our patients say

"Very friendly and helpful staff always willing to help resolve your health issues in the most timely and inexpensive way" - Carla Beattie

what our patients say

"Treatments and practitioners have always exceeded my expectations and appear to fit in well with the rest of the practice. Best sign of faith is recommendation and I have no qualms in recommending friends and family." - A Banfield

what our patients say

My experience with Brisbane Natural Health has been fantastic. I also take my kids there and I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone seeking any kind of natural health practitioners. - Iwa Brown

what our patients say

I feel better after just one treatment! - Brenda Kuzyk

what our patients say

Gemma was excellent! She listened to my issues and came up with an extensive care plan. I can’t wait to feel 100% again. - Nathaniel Wierks

what our patients say

I loved how approachable everyone in the clinic was, and if I had any questions they were very quick to answer them. All well trained and bursting with happiness! - Rebecca McCormack

what our patients say

Great service, you gave me the sense that I was “important” - Linda Bouman

Your new life awaits you.

Are you ready to reclaim your health and get back to living a life that you love? Call us now on 07 3367 0337 and we’ll make sure that you get in with a practitioner that has the experience to guide you on your path to wellness.

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