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Why Bone Broth?

It is said in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) we receive qi from our parents and from what we put into our bodies. We take the breath from air into our lungs and food into our stomach and spleen and together they make Qi and blood. By using bone broth you will nourish the kidneys, support […]Like this post? Please share the love!

Detox isn’t just for hippies, addicts, or those on a spiritual journey!

It’s a toxic world we live in.  According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and the US National Toxicology Program (NTP) there are over 900 identified potential cancer causing toxins in our environment. This is not to mention the literal tens of thousands of chemicals our bodies are exposed to everyday, that […]Like this post? Please share the love!

Natural Treatment of Depression

Depression can be a crippling condition that really needs a proper diagnosis from a medical practitioner or psychologist. Patients diagnosed with depression experience a persistent decline in their mood, which can be associated with low motivation, social isolation, poor sex drive, tiredness, excessive sleep and weight gain. It is important to note that these symptoms […]Like this post? Please share the love!

Natural Treatment of Alopecia

Hair loss or alopecia is a relatively common, but often very disturbing condition affecting approximately 2% of the population worldwide, with no significant difference in incidence between men and women. Alopecia can be classed as alopecia areata (affecting patches or specific areas of hair loss) or totalis (complete hair loss). Both conditions are quite distressing […]Like this post? Please share the love!