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Chiropractic For Neck Pain

Can chiropractic help with neck pain? Yes! Our chiropractors help patients overcome neck pain every day. Chiropractic is clinically proven to be of help with neck pain. Besides us getting excellent results for our clients in this area, here is what researchers have found: A randomised controlled trial involving 183 patients with neck pain compared […]

7 Tips To Love Your Liver

Your liver cops a beating. It has the huge job of processing nearly every toxin, metabolite, hormone and chemical mediator in your body. The liver is a bit like the checkout in the supermarket – every item needs to be scanned through it before it leaves your body. We live in a world where we […]

Diabetes Prevention Video

Type 2 Diabetes affects thousands of Australians and is rapidly on the rise. As part of National Diabetes Week Katherine hosted a free webinar on how to prevent Type 2 Diabetes and what dietary and lifestyle interventions you need to avoid developing the disease.    

5 Common Causes of Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common ailments people visit our chiropractors and massage therapists for. Here is our chiropractor Dr. Beau’s 5 most commonly seen causes of back pain. 1. Lifting injuries. Poor lifting technique is by far one of the most common causes of back pain I see in the clinic. Lifting […]

The Importance Of Sleep

Posted by Dr. Beau Billett – Chiropractor Did you know there is such a thing as sleep debt?  It’s where you owe your body more sleep than you gave it the night before. Even if you get the proper amount of sleep the next night, you still need to make up for the sleep lost […]