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Cashew Yoghurt

This yoghurt is great for those that are dairy intolerant. Cashews are an excellent source of protein, iron, calcium and magnesium. There is a naturally occuring bacteria on the outside of the cashew which allows it to naturally ferment overnight – giving you health promoting probiotics. Ingredients: Raw cashews Filtered water How to: In a […]Like this post? Please share the love!

What Is Reiki / Energy Healing?

What is Energy Healing? There are various different modalities of Energy Healing and these include, but are not limited to Reiki, Spiritual Healing and Emotional Freedom Technique, known as EFT, Prayer, Acupuncture and Massage. The objective of Energy Healing is to re-establish equilibrium within the human energy system through touch, enabling the energy field to […]Like this post? Please share the love!

Naturopathy For Weight Loss

Problems losing weight or keeping it off ? Many patients we see at Brisbane Natural Health for chronic health issues also suffer from excessive weight and its detrimental influences on their physical and psychological wellbeing. Often having been on countless diets only to regain all or more weight resulting in overwhelming frustration and often depression. There […]Like this post? Please share the love!

Chiropractic Helps Get Babies Back On Track After Falls.

Posted by Naturopath Katherine Maslen I wanted to share my experience with one of our chiropractors recently. My daughter, Luna, is 10 months old and had her first ever bad fall a couple of weeks ago.  To my horror she stood up on the edge of the bed and fell backwards and hit her head […]Like this post? Please share the love!

Of Course I Want You To Look Beautiful!

Posted by Naturopath Holly George But I do not want you to sacrifice your health doing it. You are far to precious to not be mindful of the chemical cocktails that your innocent looking moisturisers and lipsticks are dumping into your body. Every day women (and men) are putting tens of thousands of toxic ingredients […]Like this post? Please share the love!

Crossing your legs – how bad is it really?

Posted by Dr. Tressa Fuss – chiropractor People often ask me if crossing your legs is really bad for you.  They have been told that crossing your legs can lead to varicose veins. This is the case.  But it’s worse than just the vein damage… Your whole body is affected. VEIN DAMAGE: Your arteries (the blood vessels […]Like this post? Please share the love!

What Is The Perfect Poo??

Posted by Katherine Maslen – Naturopath Whether you understand the concept or not, I’m sure that this headline has grabbed you. There’s a perfect poo? What could be perfect about a bowel movement? Well a lot actually! If you’ve seen a naturopath you would have had a lovely discussion about all things poo and why it’s […]Like this post? Please share the love!

Heat Therapy – How To Get Best Results

Posted by chiropractor Dr. Craig Buscomb. The ice and heat debate is a never ending discussion.  Depending on what book you read or who you talk to, you will get different answers as to what is best and how to use them effectively.  Here is my take on heat therapy. Heat therapy can have numerous […]Like this post? Please share the love!