For thousands of years, Chinese couples have used acupuncture for fertility and we can see why. We’ve helped hundreds of couples in Brisbane get pregnant with the help of acupuncture during their IVF cycles. Our experience at Brisbane Natural Health is that acupuncture prior to IVF can significantly increase your chance of falling pregnant and the science backs this up.

The evidence behind IVF acupuncture

There have been several studies done on the link between fertility acupuncture and pregnancy. A study done in Germany in 2002 on a group of 160 women undergoing IVF and acupuncture treatment showed that 42% of the group had successful pregnancies – compared to 26% for just IVF. This was just the first of many such positive results; a later Danish study showed specifically that treatment on the day of the embryo transfer was best of conception. In early 2014, the NIH (US) published a comprehensive overview of acupuncture for fertility studies which concluded that there is significant data showing that pregnancy acupuncture can improve female reproductive functioning – future studies will hopefully determine exactly what mechanisms are involved.

Acupuncture has helped hundreds of our clients realise their dream of becoming pregnant.

How does it work?

There are specific times during your IVF cycle that acupuncture will be used, like pre and post embryo transfer. Better still, having a period of treatment before your IVF cycle will allow the acupuncture time to affect the health of your ova (eggs) and improve quality, which further improves the likely hood of pregnancy. Our acupuncturists work alongside our fertility naturopaths to ensure that you are getting all of your nutritional requirements leading into your IVF cycle.

It takes two to tango!

It’s not just for women, either – acupuncture can also help improve male fertility by boosting both sperm count and motility. Motility means the ability of the sperm to move around; if they’re sluggish, they won’t be able to make it all the way to the egg. This means that older men or those with diagnosed fertility issues can use the treatment as a complementary treatment.  Specific acupuncture points are used to unblock pathways and promote the kind of environment within the body that sperm need to develop properly. During your initial fertility acupuncture appointment, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask about the treatment strategy and how it’s designed to help promote your fertility.

Support your IVF treatment at Brisbane Natural Health

Our resident acupuncturist, Angela Marshall, can assist with natural fertility. Using traditional fertility acupuncture techniques, she assists Brisbane couples undergoing IVF to IUI to improve their chances of becoming pregnant. By stimulating specific points that are associated with reproductive organs, it is possible to promote the flow of qi, which means more balanced energies within the body – in other words, a more harmonious environment for conception. She can assist with pregnancy acupuncture in Brisbane on a daily basis and can see couples together or alone. She has the knowledge and experience to help improve your chances of conception, whether you’re using acupuncture as a primary or complementary treatment.

Angela will be happy to answer any questions you have about fertility, acupuncture techniques, and generally boosting your wellbeing as you prepare to become parents. Simply call the clinic on (07) 3367 0337 to schedule your initial appointment.

Call us on 07 3367 0337 to book your appointment With an acupuncturist at Brisbane Natural Health!

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