Shift Naturopath

Katherine is a Bachelor qualified naturopath and western herbalist with over 13 years experience. She is the founder and director of Shift at Brisbane Natural Health and the principal naturopath. Katherine’s passion lies in educating patients about their health. This has lead her to write her book called Get Well, Stay Well (released in February 2015), an easy to understand guide to total health and wellness. Katherine is a very active member of the community and has been featured on Channel 10, Channel 9, 612ABC Brisbane and dozens of other stations around the country, and in Wellbeing Magazine, Good Health Magazine, Nature and Health Magazine, The Courier Mail and the Westside News.

Katherine has a passion for helping patients with natural medicine and takes great pleasure in watching them overcome their health issues. She has successfully treated most health conditions, with a special interest in complex and chronic conditions, autoimmune disease, womens’s health and both male and female fertility.  In her years of practice, Katherine has helped over 3000 patients overcome both chronic and acute health issues.

Katherine heads the naturopathic team at Brisbane Natural Health and is the creator of our signature membership programs. Katherine works closely with Gemma and Daniela to provide one of the most effective health care models in Australia.

Katherine prides herself on offering her clients the very best level of care. Consultations involve looking into your health history thoroughly, as well as analising your nails and tongue and perfoming iridology to assess you health. Further testing may be ordered to look into your condition further.

At Brisbane Natural Health, Katherine will work with you to acheive good health. Her style of naturopathy includes the use of liquid herbal medicines, nutritional supplements, dietary modification as well as practical lifestyle tips to help you on your way to good health.

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To make a naturopathic appointment with Katherine at Brisbane Natural Health call 07 3367 0337 or click here.