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How to buy a cow

Shirley |  Hand Sourced  |  How to Buy a Cow Brisbane’s Hand Sourced Provedore   |   Better food, naturally Aussies are big meat eaters. And much of it is wasted. Australia is now the meat eating capital of the world. On average, a human eats only 51% of a cow, leaving behind offal, bones, hide, glands, and fat.  Of […]

National Diabetes Week 2014

13th – 19th July 2014 Free Health Checks and Webinar It’s National Diabetes Week this month. With the increase in Type 2 diabetes still on the rise there could not be a more important time to get behind it and help bring awareness to this important issue. Two million Australians are at high risk of […]

Phthalates – Associated Health Problems

Phthalates (pronounced tha-lates) are toxic chemicals found in plastics, skin care and other common compounds. They have been found in studies to disrupt hormones, contributeAdorable baby girl in the creche to cancer development, endometriosis, hormonal problems and infertility. Phthalates are commonly used in cosmetics and personal care products, including perfume, hair spray, soap, shampoo, nail […]

Want a health solution that will make you feel good again?

At Brisbane Natural Health we offer you health solutions that can have you feeling good again in no time, and may even change your life! You may need a relaxing massage to soothe your corporate woes, a visit with our chiropractor to help relieve pain, some naturopathic treatment to increase your energy or a hypnotherapist […]