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Banana Bread Recipe

Winter is well and truly upon us in Australia.  And wintertime calls for some winter warmer recipes.  This banana bread recipe is a family favourite, and it makes a nutritious snack, or it can even be eaten for breakfast.  This humble snack gives you a good hit of vitamins, and minerals and fibre. As a […]

Could High Histamine Food be causing your Headaches, Itchy mouth, Anxiety or Bloating?

What is histamine? Histamine is a compound that is released from immune cells as a normal part of a healthy functioning immune system. It helps us communicate with the brain, alert the immune system to a potential threat, and launch an inflammatory response. Histamines can be released in response to environmental triggers such as pollen, […]

How Acupuncture Works

The art of acupuncture involves the insertion of fine sterile needles into specific locations, to stimulate the body to heal itself. Traditionally, explanations involve its effect on improving the flow of Qi to balance Yin and Yang; a paradigm of health and disease similar to the Western biomedical concept of homeostasis. In recent years, much […]

Acupuncture for Emotions and Moods

Emotional strain may hamper your ability to lead a normal and active lifestyle, becoming an inhibiting factor in daily life and further perpetuating the likelihood of associated mood disorders, such as anxiety and depression. Emotional stress is commonly associated with one or more of a combination of the following factors; poor dietary habits, sedentary lifestyle, […]