This recipe is super easy to make! The pastry contains less butter than normal pastry – it has grated carrot in it to give extra moisture and nutrients. Serve with a green side salad. Yum!


For the pastry:

175g wholemeal spelt flour

100g rolled oats

100g butter (preferably organic)

100g grated carrot

organic pizza

For the filling:

2 large beetroots

4 large onions

100g goat’s curd or feta

1 tbsp rice bran oil

4 large eggs

250ml rice milk (or other milk)

Himalayan or celtic sea salt and pepper

fruit pie

To make it:

1. Place flour, oats and butter in a food processor and pulse until it resembles rough breadcrumbs.

2. Add grated carrot and pulse until mixture comes together.

3. Grease a quiche/pie tin with butter and pour pastry mix into the tin. Press down with your hands and mould the pastry to the tin. Use a small glass to roll the pastry on the base of the tart so that it is even. You may have leftover pastry depending on the size of your tin.

organic food

4. Place the tart shell in the fridge for at least 20 minutes to chill. Turn the oven on and preheat to 200 degrees celcius.

5. Place oil in a large saucepan or frying pan and put on a medium to high heat. Finely slice onions and cook in pan, stirring every few minutes until caramelised. This should take around 15 minutes.

6. Meanwhile, peel and grate the beetroot. Place it between 2 thinck layers of paper towel and press to remove as much juice as possible.

7. Beat the eggs and milk well. Add a large pinch of salt and some pepper.

8. Assemble the tart by putting the beetroot in the bottom and then the caramelised onions on top. Crumble the goat’s cheese over the top and gently pour in the egg mix.

9. Place in your preheated oven and bake for 20 minutes, then turn the oven down to 160 degrees celcius and bake for another 20 – 30 minutes or until set.

10. Remove from oven and let cool for 10 minutes before serving. You can enjoy immediately or save for later.

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