We are proud to be Australia’s first membership-based holistic health practice. Patients that come to us to solve their health issues now have the option of becoming a member of our signature program, Health Reboot. Healing takes time and structure, so it makes sense that other than offer you a session here or there that we guide you through the healing process in a way that ensures you get everything you need to succeed.

So how does it work? Our members pay a set weekly fee and depending on their membership level may receive the following:

  • Appointments for the core modality – naturopathy, acupuncture or emotional wellness
  • Ancillary appointments to complement the core modality – that is with anyone else in the clinic that might complement their care
  • Education and Inspiration – in the form of webinars, workshops and online learning
  • Case management – our members are case managed and worked on as a ‘project’ collaboratively with the entire team

We only accept a capped amount of members into the clinic each week. We are heavily invested in our members’ success and will do whatever is required to get you feeling good again.

Watch this video to hear about 2 of our members journeys..


Our memberships are of great value and start from just $69 per week. Call us on 07 3367 0337 today and ask about how our memberships might be a good fit for you.