At Shift at Brisbane Natural Health all of our practitioners are registered with all of the major health funds if their modality is covered. If you have extras cover with your private health insurance and are covered for the therapy you’d like to claim then you will be able to get a rebate from your health fund. Always check with your health fund  who can tell you what your level of cover includes.

How do I process the claim for my appointment fee?

For one off sessions, we have a HICAPs machine in the clinic. If your health fund is on HICAPs you can claim your appointment fee back on the spot. If you don’t claim through HICAPs then you can claim directly through your health fund.

When might I not be able to claim?

You might not be able to claim your appointment with your health fund if any of the following occur:

  • Your appointment is with a modality, such as energetic healing or hypnotherapy that is not covered by health funds
  • You are not covered for the specific modality in your health insurance package
  • Your health fund rebates have run out for the year
  • Always check with your health fund to find out the exact terms of your policy

How much will I get back?

Rebates vary widely across health funds and also vary depending on which level of cover you have. Check your policy information to find out what your rebates and limits are. It also pays to shop around for extras cover or consider higher levels of cover, which can often pay for themselves in higher rebates.

Can I claim my package bonus?

If you are eligible for a package bonus then you can claim it through HICAPs, or though your health health fund.

What modalities are covered with private health insurance?

For most health funds, the following services are eligible for a rebate under your extras cover:

  • Acupuncture
  • Remedial Massage

Naturopathy cover was revoked by the federal government in April 2019 for all health funds. It is currently under review and we expect that cover will be resumed in 2021, if the review is positive. 

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