It’s never too early to improve your spinal health. Children can benefit from chiropractic too! Listed below are some common questions parents ask about their child and chiropractic.

Is my child too young for chiropractic?

Did you know that children as young as the day of their birth can benefit from chiropractic? Children of all ages are assessed and cared for by chiropractors around the world. Dr. Tressa sees children as young as one day old!

Why should I bring my child to be examined by a chiropractor?

A recent survey study by Dr Joel Alcantara and group showed that the reasons parents bring their kids to have their body assessed are:

  • 46% for wellness care (see below for details on what wellness care is)
  • 26% musculoskeletal complaints (body pain, postural or movement problems)
  • 7% digestion problems
  • 6% ear nose & throat problems
  • 6% neurological problems (brain and nerve)
  • 5% poor immunity
  • 4% other

What’s interesting that the majority of kids and babies have care for wellness, that is that they have no specific problem but parents wish to improve general health and wellbeing as well as for the prevention of future spinal, muscle and health problems.

Dr Alcantara and her study group noted that almost half of parents also saw improvement in areas that they hadn’t expected, including:

  • Better immunity (sick less often)
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved emotional state or mood (happier, calmer)

How does chiropractic help children?

Chiropractic assesses for areas of spinal and cranial (skull) restriction or tightness. Restriction can cause internal inflammation and irritation of the nerves that pass through the area. Irritated nerves can’t do their job, which is to allow the brain and body to talk to each other. When communication is lacking, the body doesn’t work to its optimum which can cause pain, tightness and decreased function. Chiropractic care reduces this restriction, encouraging the brain and body to talk again, stimulating the body to heal itself.

Spinal irritation can be caused by many things including physical (birth, falls, poor postures), chemical (toxins in our environment, water and food) as well as  emotional (stress, worry, sadness).

Is chiropractic safe for my child?

Treatment for the young is extremely gentle, often just delicate massage to soft tissues and pressure about the weight of a 20 cent coin on a joint is enough to stimulate the spine. Children are not just tiny adults, their bodies are different, changing, developing and growing rapidly. They are also treated differently with chiropractic care. Current research shows that chiropractic is considered very safe, with only three in over five and a half thousand sessions leading to some muscle stiffness and soreness.

What happens if I bring my child to Brisbane Natural Health?

On your child’s first visit Dr Tressa Fuss will carry out a full physical, orthopaedic, neurological, spinal and cranial assessment. Examination is done to check if there is any miscommunication between brain and body, if there are any injuries or restrictions and any areas that could benefit from chiropractic care. She talks you through each step as she goes so that you understand what she is going to do and why. Dr Tressa will also let you know throughout the session what she is finding and how that could be affecting your child. If you are happy, depending on findings, she may also begin some gentle treatment.

When possible, it is always best for both parents to attend the first consultation to ensure full understanding of what is happening with your precious son or daughter and allow full consent for the child’s care. If you have any questions about whether you should bring your child for an assessment, please don’t hesitate to contact reception or Dr Tressa.

How many visits would my child need?

That will vary greatly depending on if your child is coming for a check up or if they have a specific problem or complaint. The good news is that as kids generally haven’t had the problem for long, they usually heal a lot faster than adults, which usually makes treatment programs considerably shorter. The earlier problems are caught, the faster and easier it is to help the body make the corrections. You would be given an estimate of this at your visit with Dr Tressa. On average, a child having chiropractic wellness care may have a spinal adjustment somewhere between three to twelve times a year, depending on their age, health and activities.

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