Your baby’s position for birth is very important as the ideal position increases safety for both mother and child. The ideal position is to have your baby’s head down with their spine against your belly button. A quarter of babies are still in the breech position (bottom down) at 30 weeks of pregnancy. Around this mark your baby should turn, if it hasn’t already.  Movement is rare after 34 weeks and parents are often warned at this point to prepare themselves for a caesarian section if their baby has not assumed the correct position.

The good news is that there are some gentle techniques that a chiropractor can use to help optimize baby position.  Brisbane Natural Health’s chiropractor Dr Tressa Fuss is specially certified in these techniques. In particular, Dr. Tressa uses the Webster In-Utero Constraint Technique, discovered by Dr Larry Webster (DC), founder of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

Babies can move position on their own. A baby will most often be unable to position well if there is poor function or movement of the pelvis and too much tightness within the uterus. The Webster protocol safely utilises gentle pelvic joint, muscle and ligament adjustments to help release the pressure on the pelvis and increase nerve flow which can improve sacral pelvic function. It works on the clinical and theoretical frmework that good pelvic and sacral function can have a positive effect on things that contribute to a difficult labour, including poor uterine function, pelvic contraction and poor baby position.

Studies have shown success in 82% of cases when the Webster technique is used by a specifically trained chiropractor.

Even if your baby is already the right way down, the Webster Protocol can encourage the top of the head to be first to engage the pelvis. This is the smallest part of your baby’s head and therefore the fastest and easiest way to birth!

In addition to appyling the Webster technique, Dr Tressa can help you with exercises and postures you can adopt at home and at the hospital to assist you and your baby through this process. A well positioned baby and optimal pelvic function greatly decreases the likelihood of further intervention during birth. This can include avoiding epidurals, forceps, vacuum extraction and caesarian section.

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