COVID-19 Update 9th April 2020

Just 4 weeks into this pandemic in Australia and so much has changed. At Shift we have been busy helping people through this and trying to adjust to the current climate. Our number one priority is to help you, but we’ve also had to make some core business decisions in light of what is happening with COVID-19 that we’d like to update you on. 

Due to the coronavirus we are no longer able to offer myotherapy as a modality, as it is classed as ‘non-essential’ by the Australian government. This saddened us as we know that for many of you, this is so essential to your overall health and wellbeing. 

Secondly, due to COVID-19 we can no longer offer you acupuncture in the clinic. This was a very difficult decision for us but due to the current climate and for the safety of patients, we had no other option moving forward. 

After 9 years of helping people to feel great again, this has been quite a blow for us, and our clients. However we are committed to continuing to help you with your health. 


Most of our practice has now gone online which has lessened foot traffic considerably at the clinic. If you’ve visited us recently, you’ll see some of these changes…

  • We have hand sanitiser in each room and on entry that we ask that you use when you come into the building
  • We are keeping the door ajar so that there is no contact prior to entry, and an increase in fresh air
  • We are regularly wiping down surfaces in the clinic with alcohol wipes to help to remove any viral particles that could have made it into the clinic
  • Towels are removed immediately and tables are wiped down with alcohol between each treatment
  • Our waiting room is complying with social distancing by spacing our chairs
  • Any patient with respiratory symptoms must not come to the clinic without clearance. We have many virtual options to help you!


Naturopathic appointments – available online (preferred) and also in person at our Brisbane clinic, if you must attend in person (social distancing applies). Supplements can be posted or picked up (prepaid is preferred for a quick pick up).

Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy appointments – available online and also in person, if you feel that you need to see someone face to face

Kinesiology sessions – Available in person at Shift at Brisbane Natural Health

Holographic Kinetics – Available in person at Shift at Brisbane Natural Health

Acutonics sessions – Available in person at Shift at Brisbane Natural Health


Many people are being affected by COVID-19, and we want to offer some help to those who need it the most. We have the capacity to support you if you are in financial hardship and need some help to support your emotional and physical health. Please reach out if you need assistance and we can see what we can do to help. 

Thank you for your understanding in these very difficult times. We hope that this pandemic creates a shift for all of us, and helps us to move into a better and stronger version of ourselves. Please feel free to reach out on 07 3367 0337 if you need additional support.