Detox into summer!

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The Naturopaths at Brisbane Natural Health have teamed up to bring you this wonderful chance to Detox into Summer! Have you always wanted to try a tailor made detox? Do you want more energy, clear skin and to shed a few unwanted kilos? Well look no further!

We have combined years of Naturopathic experience to bring you this tried and tested, no fuss detox that you can do from home whilst still maintaining your life commitments.


What does it include?

  • A tailored Naturopathic diagnosis to support your whole body’s needs and prepare you properly before you detox.
  • Eating plans and access to “Detox” friendly recipes.
  • Herbal and nutritional support required during your detox.
  • 3 naturopathic consultations where your specific health and detox needs will be determined.
  • Life after detox? You will receive personal guidance to help bring your renewed sense of vitality through into the future!
  • A natural bristle body brush to help with your cleansing.

Your detox program will involve 3 sessions…

Session 1-Prepare

In your first session a thorough case history will be taken to fully assess your current health status. From this you will receive a Naturopathic diagnosis with a tailored herbal formula and healthy eating plan to prepare you fully for the detox to follow.

Session 2 -The Detox

Your second session will outline your detox and you will be given all the herbal and nutritional supplements you need to cleanse all aspects of your body. A diet will be outlined and you will be given access to recipes and diet guidelines for the next month. You will also receive a motivational email midway packed full of extra inspiration and tips to keep you on track.

Session 3- Healthy Future

In your third session you will receive a summary of your Naturopathic diagnosis and tips on how to continue to incorporate healthy living to maintain all your new found energy!

A package with all inclusions like this would normally retail at $470 but we have decided to reward your upfront commitment with a special discounted price of only $390!!

Terms and Conditions

  • Available to new patients to naturopathy only
  • No Saturday appointments
  • 6 month expiry date from date of purchase
  • On sale from November 2012 until March 2013

Book your plan now at Brisbane Natural Health and reap the rewards of Detoxing Into Summer! Call us on 07 3367 0337 to make your appointment today!