In our culture, food is much much more than fuel for our body.

We eat when we are celebrating and we eat when we’re commiserating. We see food as a treat, a reward, or even an edible piece of art. We also use food as a distraction and it can be both our friend and our enemy.

Sometimes our “it’s complicated” relationship with food can interfere with us eating only what we need for our bodies causing us to gain weight and experience a multitude of other health issues.

There is often a very real battle going on for people on a daily basis and it manifests around their food –  the actual battle though is being waged deep down in our unconscious.

We might be eating chocolate when we really need something sweet through connection.

We might be still feeding the part of us that is a young child who never had enough.

We might be hooked on activating our “pleasure centres” in our brain through refined carbohydrates when what we really need is to feel better about our marriage.

During times that we eat unconsciously, or compulsively only to experience regret, guilt, weight gain and digestive issues we are trying to service a part of ourselves that needs attention with the best way we know how – food.

There is a better way…

How does Clinical Hypnotherapy Help?

Clinical Hypnotherapy works by talking directly to our unconscious mind to heal past wounds and shift old patterns and behaviours that are not helpful anymore and to encourage and learn better ways of living.

A registered and experienced practitioner will guide you into the very focused, yet relaxed, state of hypnosis. You will be aware of what’s happening the entire time and able to hear every word spoken, but the thinking and analytical part of your brain go into a kind of rest mode. When that happens, the unconscious part of your mind can be accessed to alter your perceptions and to receive suggestions.

Through hypnotherapy, we help you develop powerful personal resources that can be directed towards achieving your goals.  



How does Hypnotherapy work for weight loss?

  • It helps you recognise core issue and where your problems come from and allow you to let go of the emotional hurt and pain that don’t need to carry anymore.
  • It helps you create and sustain new, empowering and positive habits
  • It enables you to create an image of yourself in the future
  • Helps you become more mindful of cravings and offers other ways to deal with them.
  • Allows you to deal with the stress and other triggers that can interfere with your good intentions.
  • Your individual program
  • Treatment plans are outlined in the first session.
    It is rare to resolve a long-term issue in one hypnosis session. In subsequent sessions, however, we can also include learning self-hypnosis techniques. This is so you are able to take control at any time.


For best results…

While clinical hypnotherapy is extremely effective as an evidence-based therapy, it is not a magic wand either. Best results are achieved when you are an active participant in your therapy, and open-minded, motivated and clear about your goals. Sometimes the ‘getting clear’ part may take some time as it might not be as simple as sticking to that food plan.

Are you sure it isn’t magic?

If there’s any ‘magic’ in hypnotherapy, it is this: it supports the process of sweeping aside the unconscious patterns of behaviour that have and formed habits, skilfully side-passing negative thought patterns to reveal the beautiful self that was always there underneath.

Rebecca Brewster, Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist

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