Shift Naturopath

Gemma has over 9 years experience in natural therapies and is experienced in treating all kinds of conditions – from the simple to very complex. Gemma began her naturopathic journey at Southern Cross University in Lismore, where she excelled in her studies, particularly in the medical sciences. This love of science lead Gemma into a role in research and development with an industry leading natural products company, Metagenics, shortly after graduating from university.

Here Gemma analysed the intricate details of scientific research to better understand health and illness in the human body and used this information to develop products designed for naturopathic practitioners to treat their patients. Many of these products are used in clinics all over Australia – including Brisbane Natural Health!

Gemma has also lectured to practitioners around Australia and New Zealand, helping them to get better results for their patients. An adventure around Australia and a broken down vehicle lead Gemma to a jaunt in Broome, Western Australia where she worked for several years as a clinical naturopath treating a wide range of conditions from infertility, thyroid dysfunction and food intolerances to tropical infections. Gemma also ran her own health consulting company providing on-site support to mining staff in Western Australia. Gemma has a special love for helping patients identify their health goals and removing barriers to achieving them. Gemma returns to Brisbane to be closer to her family and looks forward to helping you achieve and maintain your health goals.

As well as holding a Bachelor in Naturopathy, Gemma is also an experienced live blood analysis practitioner and can use this to look into the cause of health issues further. She may use screening tools such as VLA (bioimpedance testing), blood and another testing as evidence to guide her towards the best treatment for you.

To make an appointment with Gemma at Brisbane Natural Health, call us on 07 3367 0337 or email er at