Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss Program Brisbane

Hypnotherapy for weight loss program

If you are struggling with losing weight, lacking healthy diet and exercise routines or suffer from negative self-talk and low self-esteem – hypnotherapy for weight loss could be the answer.

Because we all want to be that person that starts each day feeling strong, confident and energetic, don’t we?

But what if you’re feeling sluggish, heavy, unmotivated, tired, lazy, stuck, looping, lost, bored, blocked, afraid, clogged and fuzzy? 

What if you’re in constant conflict with what you are actually doing that’s not what you know deep down you need to do? 

What if you’re aligning with the inner saboteur rather than the victorious?

If this is you, then it is time to look a little deeper and uncover the person you are truly meant to be. Let go of what unconsciously is holding you back from your best health and happiness.

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What is holding you back? Do find yourself eating your emotions?

In most Western cultures, food is much more than fuel for our bodies.

We eat when we are celebrating and we eat when we’re commiserating. We see food as a treat, a reward, or even an edible piece of art. We also use food as a distraction – and it can be both our friend and our enemy. Read more about why weight loss is such a big deal here.

Sometimes our “it’s complicated” relationship with food can interfere with healthy and nourishing eating habits; causing weight gain and a multitude of other health conditions.

There is often a very real battle going on for people on a daily basis and it manifests around food – while the actual battle is being waged deep down in our unconscious. 

How hypnotherapy for weight loss can help

When you think of hypnosis, you may imagine what you’ve seen on TV during stage hypnosis or in a movie. Clinical hypnosis is very different and it can’t make you do anything that you don’t want to do. It’s not mind control at all.

When you’re in hypnosis, it is called being in a trance state or hypnotic state. Trance is like being in deep meditation. It uses guided deep relaxation, concentration and focused attention to achieve heightened awareness. Your body will be relaxed and you’ll usually feel calmer. These benefits alone are often an enormous relief from the symptoms of anxiety, stress and negative thinking.

In this relaxed state, you can access your subconscious mind – those deeper parts of yourself that are sometimes not immediately apparent.

Over 90% of your mind is subconscious and this is where our most deep-seated beliefs and values are stored. By accessing this part of ourselves, we can treat you and help you to make significant changes.

Sometimes part of our treatments is about helping to release emotions and past traumas so that you can heal and begin to think, feel and behave differently.

It is in the safety of the relaxed state of hypnosis that our patients can successfully process any triggers around food and treat their concerns directly.

This means you can begin to build a bridge between the person you were in the past, and the habits that did not serve you – and the person who makes different choices feeling calm confident and in control.

Download the brochure for our 8 Week Hypnosis for Weight Loss Program here.

The Shift Weight Loss Hypnosis Program supports all of you

For most people, self-sabotage and the resulting negative self-talk is the biggest impediment to sustained weight loss. We often have the part of us that wants to succeed, to be motivated and to feel healthy and happy, yet too often we have another part that would rather sit on the couch with Uber Eats. This part can lead to eating disorders and diet yo-yo-ing.

A combination of coaching and hypnotic suggestions to overcome overeating, emotional eating and cravings work to help your motivated and determined parts come into focus.

Weight loss hypnosis is one of many areas that has been used over and over again very successfully to shift and keep the momentum for people wanting to lose weight. It helps you recognise the core issues that are perpetuating your unhelpful exercise and eating habits.

Our Brisbane Weight Loss Hypnosis Clinic

In order to successfully lose weight and keep it off, you need to know what the core issues are. What is the real reason surrounding your unhealthy eating habits – is it eating too much, eating the wrong things or just not eating what your body really needs?

Through a series of clinical hypnosis sessions moving from the ‘Past’, to the ‘Present’ and then to the ‘Future’ our specialist hypnotherapist team will work with you through each stage and together, you can uncover the core issues for you.

Shift Clinic 8 Week Weight Loss Program with nutritional counselling 

The Shift weight loss program combines clinical hypnosis to shift your habits, your mindset and your unhelpful beliefs to have you feeling healthier, lighter, in flow and more free.

Our program supports you towards success in your weight loss journey and long term healthy eating. We also support your weight loss efforts by encouraging your growth as a whole person.

Significant weight loss can be achieved when you begin to:

  • Recognise the core issues. 

  • Know where your problems came from and where you can now find freedom. 

  • Make the space to create new, positive habits. 

  • Welcome changes and let the old unhelpful habits dissolve. 

  • Create an image of yourself in the future It helps you that becomes your “motivator”. 

  • Deal with any cravings and stumbling blocks. 

  • It helps you as they hit. 

  • Deal with your inner-saboteur. 

What makes this hypnosis for weight loss program successful?

The main reason our hypnosis sessions are so successful is that they are tailor-made for your lifestyle and your own unique issues.

In a focused, yet relaxed, hypnotic state you will unconsciously take on board suggestions in a way that incorporates your own personal goals and preferences. When we are working in this space it entails very little conscious or deliberate effort on our part. 

The main reason hypnosis for weight loss is successful is that it becomes your own personal program. Hypnosis ensures that the suggestions you are open to taking onboard become well and truly fixed into your unconscious mind. 

This is a powerful treatment. It is not just a quick fix. With the verbal repetition of positive and motivating suggestions, nothing and no one can divert you from having the relationship that you want with your body, your choices and what you consume. 

I joined the Shift Clinic 8 Week Weight Loss Program and I’ve not looked back! My appointments with Hypnotherapist, Rebecca and Naturopath & Nutritionist, Carolyn have provided me with the tools to identify self-sabotaging behaviours, acknowledge all parts of me, start small, set realistic and achievable goals, feel supported, get back up when I fall, move (even if it’s only for 10 mins at a time), celebrate small wins, stick to the plan and remember that anything is possible. 8-weeks down the track I’m just under 10kg lighter physically. I’ve still got more weight to lose but for the first time in a long time, I know I’ll achieve it because the biggest ‘shift’ for me has been in how I think and how I feel, the routines and rituals I’ve put in place and the way I speak to myself. The Shift Clinic really can help you ‘shift’ you just have to be willing to let it.

Kim, one of our amazing Weight Loss Program success stories! Share

Lose weight with a new relationship with food

In order to successfully lose weight (and keep it off!) and rebuild your relationship with food, your body and yourself, you need to shine a light on these core issues and what unmet needs you are trying to fulfil through food. 

Our hypnotherapist will work with you through each stage and together, we can safely uncover the core issues for you – rebuilding successful ways to nurture and nourish yourself with love, patience and kindness. 

Download the brochure for our 8 Week Hypnosis for Weight Loss Program here.

This weight loss hypnosis program focuses on the four pillars of hypnosis for weight loss.

1. Rewiring your habits

This first session of hypnosis will work on reframing and re-creating the thoughts, emotions and behaviours that are keeping you stuck and establishing new healthy new habits. 

2. Making your ‘Mind Shift’ 

Creating the energy and the feeling of you, the person who embodies these healthy new habits and rituals. 

3. Unblocking what is holding you back 

Releasing the old stories about who you think you are and how you see yourself in the world -and transforming this into what is empowering, wise and true for you. 

4. Nurturing and nourishing yourself 

Learning what true comfort is for you, and how to meet those unmet needs and practice filling your cup in healthy, positive and abundant ways. 

Your 8 week program includes: 

4 x Clinical Hypnotherapy appointments 

4 x 15-minute check-in phone calls with your Clinical Hypnotherapist 

2 x Nutritional Counselling appointments 

1 x 15-minute check-in phone call with your Nutritionist.

Your commitment

Are you ready to make some life-changing shifts? This is not an easy journey but you can do it.

Research shows that people find weight loss hypnosis effective when they are ready. Prior to embarking on this program, it is essential that you truly want to change and feel ready to commit to following the steps of the program. 

You need to back yourself and put yourself first and forward.

Diet + Mind for best results 

Your clinical nutritionist will be able to guide you through permanent dietary changes in a comprehensive weight loss plan. This is a long way away from ‘fad diets’ – rather we want to instil some practical principles that will help you to feel your best and towards a healthy weight. 

We can look at what you like to eat, how you like to eat and what changes need to be made. We can talk about specific foods for your individual health picture – for example, if you’re eating something you’re reacting to it will inflame you and impair your weight loss process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost? 

Total investment by you: $1,140 upfront (saving of $60 if you pay in full).
You can also choose to make 8 weekly payments of $150 per week if you prefer weekly payments.

Want full naturopathy support as well as nutritional support?
You can also upgrade your program to include 2 x 30 min Naturopathy appointments (plus nutrition) for an extra one off payment of $99.

How long will it take?

Your time commitment is 8 weeks.

Week 1 – Initial hypnotherapy 90min + Initial Nutrition consultation 60min

Week 2 – 15min check-in 

Week 3 –  Hypnotherapy Session 60min

Week 4 – 15min check-in 

Week 5 – Hypnotherapy Session 60min and Nutrition consultation 30min

Week 6 – 15min check-in 

Week 7 – Hypnotherapy Session 60min

Week 8 – 15min check-in with our therapist and 15min check-in with our nutritionist. 

Your hypnosis session will be recorded for repeated listening and reinforcement to really help you make a shift in your health. 

What you can look forward to? 

Finally, the power of the mind through hypnotherapy for weight loss, allows you to make the changes to lose weight effortlessly. After a few months, you will look back and realise just how successfully you have built new positive habits into your life and how much better you feel about yourself. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Call our clinic today or email to book our services in this life-changing 8 Week Weight Loss Program on 07 3667 0337 or email hello@theshiftclinic.com

Download the brochure for our 8 Week Hypnosis for Weight Loss Program here. 
Book a Session in one of our team here.
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