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Anyone who has ever struggled with losing weight should consider trying Hypnotherapy. Often we start a new eating program determined that this time it is going to work. Then inevitably someone at work brings in donuts, the ones with the sprinkles that are your favorite, and without even realizing what you’re doing there you are back at your desk licking the frosting off your finger tips. Or in the middle of your favorite television program you discover a bowl of ice cream on your lap. How did it get there?

During these times you are expressing an unconscious desire to eat. A part of you wants to eat and will find any excuse to do so no matter how justified your reason for dieting or how strong your resolve to lose weight.

Self sabotage is the biggest impediment to anyone who has ever tried to lose weight and keep it off. You inner voice will pound in your ear, “just a little taste, one is not going to hurt”, and one becomes two and before you realise it you think “what the hell” and decide to start again tomorrow – does this sound familiar?

Hypnosis has been a tried and true method of therapy for several generations and today weight loss is one of many areas that it has been used over and over again very successfully.

How does Hypnotherapy work for weight loss?

  • It helps you recognize the core issue and where your problems come from
  • It helps you create new, positive habits so you don’t even know that you are changing
  • It helps you create an image of yourself in the future that will become your “motivator”
  • Helps you deal with the cravings as they hit
  • Helps you deal with issues as they come up to helps you counteract the sabotage

In order to successfully lose weight and keep it off you need to know what the core issues are. In other words what is the real reason why you eat too much, eat the wrong things etc. Through a series of sessions moving from the Past, to the Present and then to the Future your Hypnotherapist will work with you through each stage and together, will uncover that core issue.

Session 1 – The Past

  1. A thorough interview is conducted with you to try and understand your eating habits, medical history and lifestyle.
  2. The first hypnosis treatment concentrates on how you became the person you are and to recognise certain attitudes from the past that have had a negative influence on you and your relationship with your body.
  3. We look at sleeping habits, stress and any other factors that could impact the process.
  4. We identify and discuss healthy eating options that would fit your lifestyle.

Session 2 – The Present

  1. We revisit any other things that may have come up since the last visit.
  2. The hypnotherapy session focuses on the present and covers the way in which you currently behave and feel. It will guide you through the practical day to day steps you will make to change your negative patterns and create new, positive habits.
  3. Debrief with the you and plan for the next week.

Session 3 – The Future

  1. We revisit anything issues that came up in the last session.
  2. This Hypnotherapy session is about the future and it looks at what will be different in your life when you have made the changes. It will allow you to look forward to your new life, in this future place. It is designed to motivate you and to keep you on track with your newly created attitudes towards yourself, your success and the world around you. This session also has suggestions to help you deal better with stress so that nothing and no one will ever be able to trick you back into the old patterns.

Session 4 – Reinforcement

It takes time to change habits so this session will help to look at putting strategies in place so that you keep your healthy habits for good.

Will I need any more sessions?

Further sessions are occaisonally required, however if you follow the session instructions then normally 4 sessions is all that is needed for the program to work for you.

Your Commitment
Prior to embarking on this program it is essential that you want to change and are committed to following all the steps in the program. Hypnotherapy will not work if you are doing this for someone else.

So why will this work when nothing else has?
During the Hypnosis session you will unconsciously take on board suggestions in the most effective way for you with very little conscious or deliberate effort on your part. The main reason it is successful is that it becomes your own personal program and hypnosis ensures that the suggestions you are open to taking on board become well and truly fixed into your unconscious. When that happens nothing and no one can divert you from having the relationship that you want with your body.

How much does it cost?
Your investment for our 8 week weight loss program is $1100 (or 2 payments of $560). It includes:

5 x individualised hypnotherapy weight loss sessions

2 x 1:1 nutritional coaching session

2 x VLA (bioimpedence analysis – looks at body composition – fat, muscle, fluid and health markers)

A program booklet

Hypnotherapy recording to listen to each day

Unlimited access to our Healthy Living Workshops

What you can look forward to
Finally, the power of the mind allows you to make these changes effortlessly and after a few months you will look back and realise just how much weight you have lost, how you have built new positive habits into your life and how much better you feel about yourself.

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