One of the most common questions we are asked is if it is safe to have chiropractic care during pregnancy. The answer is yes.  Our pregancy specialist chiropractor, Dr Tressa Fuss has undergone extensive training in maternal health to understand the changes that occur in a pregnant woman’s body. Our office has specialized equipment to allow the Mum-to-be comfort and ease during visits and which accommodates a growing baby and belly. Dr Tressa has certification in chiropractic pregnancy techniques for increased comfort and pain relief to assist the body in preparing for a safer and easier birth.

Another thing that we are often asked about is helping Mums after birth. It is just as important for a Mother to have care for her body after birth as before birth as delivery can be quite traumatic for a woman’s body. Chiropractic care improves nervous system function which helps the brain and body to communicate, therefore maximizing healing and recovery. Many of our Mums drop in on their way home from hospital to get themselves and their babies checked.

The time after birth can be busy but it is well worth popping into the office so that we can take care of you – that way you can focus on taking care of your new arrival!

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