Julie is a highly experienced Osteopath that can help patients with pain of most kinds. She has been practicing for over 13 years within the UK, Canada, and now Australia. She was initially drawn to Osteopathy due to its philosophy that always endeavours to see the body as a whole. For her, its strength has always been how it encompasses every patient’s journey of dysfunction and pain, from the physical knocks to the emotional strains. 

Julie has recently moved here from Nova Scotia, Canada to join the team here at Shift. A graduate from the British College of Osteopathic and Naturopathic Medicine (BCOM) London UK, she studied Human Biology and Psychology before completing her Osteopathic training in 2008.

As part of her training in Osteopathy in London, her school also introduced graduates to naturopathic modalities alongside osteopathic technique. Julie has further qualification and post-graduate training in cranial-sacral technique, visceral and structural osteopathy, as well as Pilates. 

This breadth of training and experience makes Julie a valuable member of our team at Shift, as her holistic mindset helps her to understand the whole person, and what they need the most to progress them through the healing journey. 

Julie believes that when treating the individual, you must endeavour to look beyond the structural and take time to listen to the patient and their pain. Throughout her treatment, she places great importance on many naturopathic and holistic modalities including hydrotherapy, visceral osteopathy, nutrition, lifestyle management and exercise prescription. As a result of her previous degree and research, she also has a personal interest in psychological aspects such as stress, which can initiate and maintain pain.

Julie enjoys practicing all the various aspects of Osteopathy and is excited to be part of your healing team.