Kate is described as a warm and caring acupuncturist who loves to get to the bottom of what is going on for her patients. She uses a gentle yet effective Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) based style that will leave you feeling totally relaxed and comfortable.

Having a corporate job for over 12 years prior to practicing gave Kate a passion for helping busy, over-worked people find balance and take stock of their health. She has a special interest in women’s health and musculoskeletal conditions but loves to treat a range of health conditions including digestive disorders, headaches, sleep issues and more.

Kate’s journey into natural medicine began when her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer 10 years ago. After seeing a naturopath and an acupuncturist to help her eyes were forever opened to the impact that natural medicine can have on your health. After her mother passed away Kate enrolled in a Bachelor of Health Science in Acupuncture, went part-time in her corporate job and threw herself into study. Since then Kate has been passionate about the effect that acupuncture can have on people’s lives and has never looked back.

An initial acupuncture appointment with Kate will include a thorough case history, tongue and pulse diagnosis. Acupuncture points are then selected based on what your signs and symptoms are telling her. It is the time to relax and let the acupuncture do it’s work, helping to rebalance your body and create harmony between your different organs and systems.

Kate would love to help you be the healthiest version of you –  make an acupuncture appointment with Kate at Brisbane Natural Health today.

To make an initial appointment with Kate, click the booking button or call us on 07 3367 0337. Saturday and after hours appointments are available.