Makensi began her health studies 15 years ago, learning naturopathic and nutritional healing methods. She has been working in the health field for the last 12 years beginning the shift from nutrition into body/mind and consciousness modalities, learning BodyTalk systems, Reiki, flower essences, energetic lymphatic drainage and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique tapping). As her passion for the energetic healing side of things grew she learned Holographic Kinetics an Aboriginal spirit healing modality which is working with the spiritual aspect of emotional, mental and psychological healing.

Makensi has a personal interest in astrology and has done extensive study around lunar fertility.

Through her own journey learning various health modalities, Makensi has a clear understanding how integrated therapy is so effective at healing on all levels.

In a typical session, she will automatically be integrating the understanding she has gained through all of her training for you to benefit most from what you need at the time.

Even though we say she is an Energetic Healer, Makensi doesn’t heal you. She is the observer for you so that you can heal yourself. She facilitates the healing that you do for yourself.

To make an energetic healing appointment with Makensi call us on 07 3367 0337 or use the online booking button below.