Makensi has been working in the health industry for over 11 years where she has helped people with nutrition and lifestyle advice as well as emotional and spiritual issues. Makensi has an impressive amount of qualifications, with a Bachelor of Nutritional Medicine as well as several emotional healing modalities including Body Talk, Holographic Kinetics and Veltheim Method Lymphatic Drainage.

Through her experience makensi has come to learn that the type of healing that takes place on all levels is the most effective form of treatment, allowing people let go of their issues.

In a typical session, she integrates all of her training for you to benefit from what your body needs at the present moment in time.

Makensi treats clients for their presenting dis-ease by being the observer for their body and mind as it raises priority issues of poor communication predominantly using a consciousness modality called Body Talk. Your body truly knows what it needs and with Body Talk you can find out what that is.

Being a qualified holistic Nutritionist Makensi has a sound knowledge in human anatomy, physiology and disease process which helps her with her healing sessions. In addition to this she uses a very powerful Aboriginal Spirit healing modality called Holographic Kinetics to get to the core of deep seated emotional, mental and psychological issues that many people present with. Makensi may also use an energetic form of lymphatic drainage (VMLD), Flower Essences therapies, and EFT (emotional freedom technique) as part of her treatments.

To make an energetic healing appointment with Makensi call us on 07 3367 0337 or use the online booking button below. 

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