Did you know that half of the nerve messages being sent along your spinal cord are information of movement stimulus to the brain? The majority of these impulses come from spinal joints.  Brain power and the body movements that charge it are vital for wellbeing. Your body needs movement for energy, immunity, balance, concentration, learning, emotional health, quality sleep, memory and healing.

If you want to feel and think better you’ve got to get yourself moving!

Ways to maximize your brain power…


Regular exercise is very important. Those out of the habit of exercise should start with a minimum of three 20 minute sessions a week. Ideally you need to mix up the activities, walk, dance, swim or cycle.  The greater variety of motions the better for a faster and stronger brain recharge. If you wish to stick to a particular program, make sure it is updated each six weeks so that your body and brain can progress. If you are feeling tired, remember that anything is better than nothing, so duck out for a gentle walk for twenty minutes.

Chiropractic Care

As spinal joints have the greatest role in providing power to your brain, making sure that your spinal health is optimum allows for the best possible brain and body function.  Stress, poor posture, chemicals in our foods and environment can all cause our spinal joints to tighten and stiffen. Even just a few restrictions of the joints between the 24 vertebrae in your spine can cause problems. Usually this is not even felt unless the number of tight joints starts to increase or the joint has been stuck for a very long time, eventually causing pain.

What many people don’t realise is that chiropractic can very gently stimulate the movement receptors in your joints.  Even just delicate finger pressure for a baby or a light impulse from a small hand-held instrument for a child or adult can be enough to get the required movement happening. Once the joint picks up the movement, it gets the messages flowing, the healing started and the brain charging. Chiropractic naturally and gently reduces pain and discomfort and helps your body create health and wellbeing.

Daily Habits

Every little bit counts. Changing little habits can make the difference. Take the stairs instead of the elevator next time.  Walk to the corner store rather than taking the car.

Stop your work once each hour and complete some of the following:

  • Walk around for a minute
  • Roll the shoulders
  • Stretch the neck
  • Stretch the arms back & push the chest out
  • Take a few big breaths deep into your belly
  • Step up on your tiptoes then onto your heels, rocking back & forward a few times
  • Wiggle the hips (if you’re game or no-one is watching)


Chiropractic check ups and exercise are especially important for children whose brains are so swiftly developing. Birth itself can cause spinal restrictions, not to mention all the falls our kids have while they learn to walk, run and ride! Behavior, learning and development can all be improved with healthy spines and moving bodies. Get your kids out in the backyard or the park as physical play is essential.

If you want your brain charging faster, then get your bodies moving! If you want your brain battery stronger, contact our office to get your spinal health checked with our chiropractor Dr Tressa Fuss.