When baby hasn’t resumed the correct position for childbirth it is a worry to expecting mothers and their partners. Thankfully, there is an effective and safe option when trying to correct breech presentation. Our aim is to help spread this information among the general public; in hope it will aid and help current and future mothers who are faced with this hiccup during their pregnancy. The following study demonstrates, that for at least a decade now, scientifically proven information has been available to all pregnant mothers, regarding the clinical efficacy of Moxibustion and Acupuncture in relation to breech presentation.

Baby needs to have their head towards the pelvis – treatment from as early as 28 weeks can ensure that they assume the correct position.

A 3-year study published in AJCM (2001), located in a facility where 1437 births were reported, investigated the worth of Moxibustion and Acupuncture in turning breech presentation; the outcomes were impressive, to say the least. Only women 28 weeks or later, who were diagnosed with breech presentation, partook in the study. The control group consisted of 224 women who were given exercise and external cephalic manipulation (external manipulation for breech presentation) this group experienced a spontaneous correction rate of 73%.

The second group consisted of 133 women that met the same criteria as the control group, 28 weeks pregnant or later and diagnosed with breech presentation. They received 30 minutes of Moxibustion to Bladder 67 (Acupuncture Point) daily plus Acupuncture, without exercise and external cephalic manipulation. The outcome in this group was a correction in presentation rate of 92%.

Because of the findings, the study went on to conclude that Moxibustion and Acupuncture are effective, and most importantly safe modalities to correct breech presentation in a clinical setting. The optimum time for correcting a breech presentation with Moxibustion is at 34 weeks, although it is possible to assist the correction of a breech presentation up to 39 weeks (Betts, D, 2006 p, 132).

It is important to point out, that although acupuncture and moxibustion are very effective, some babies are stubborn, and will remain in the breech position. It is always imperative that this situation is discussed with your primary health practitioner before any decisions are made, although acupuncture and moxibustion is a safe and gentle option to help women with breech babies.

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Caroline A Smith, Correspondence to Caroline A Smith, Centre for Complementary Medicine Research, University of Western Sydney.