Experienced, results focused therapists mean your massage gets to the root of the issue so you can stay pain free.

Our Brisbane myotherapists do much more than just massage. They are experts in diagnosing the underlying cause of your pain and addressing it using advanced massage techniques that are far more effective than massage alone. 

Do you have pain or discomfort? Need help recovering from sports or injuries? Myotherapists help patients overcome most types of body pain and discomfort. Their treatments involve a combination of massage and physiotherapy-like techniques to treat the cause of pain and discomfort where it is needed the most.  This means your treatment is targeted so that you can get to the bottom of your issue for long lasting relief.

With myotherapy massage you’ll need less sessions than remedial massage with the aim to correct your function as quickly as possible so you can go on to live a life without pain. It’s perfect for neck pain, back pain, injuries and sporting strains and sprains.