Natural Pain Relief Options

At Brisbane Natural Health our passion is getting to the bottom of your pain so that it is gone for good. There are times however, that this isn’t possible due to injury or degradation that cannot be reversed. In these circumstances the massage brisbaneaim is to put you on a pain management plan to keep pain levels low enough that they do not interfere with your quality of life, so you can carry on doing the things that you love.

There are several natural options for managing pain. At Brisbane Natural Health we take a holistic approach and will guide you to what might be best.


Injures and issues in your musculoskeletal system can lead to inflammation, pain and discomfort. By making sure that your spine is in alignment, your posture is good and your muscles are relaxed old injuries or degradation are not as much of a problem.

Regular chiropractic treatments, musculoskeletal therapy, remedial massage or a combination of these help many patients remain active and manage their pain effectively.

Of course – regular exercise and strengthening of your body will also help to keep the body moving well. Any of our chiropractors and musculoskeletal therapists are able to give prescriptive home exercise advice to help keep your body functioning well with low levels of pain.


Acupuncture can work wonders for those with chronic pain. The acupuncture needles can relieve tension and other techniques like massage, heat and cupping can help to relieve body pain.

Herbs and supplements for pain management

For many with chronic pain taking painkillers like ibuprofen, codeine and paracetamol are an every day occurrence. These drugs can cause considerable health problems if taken long term so are best avoided if possible. Thankfully there are many natural options that can help with pain management that are not harmful to your health. There are antinflammatory nutrients and herbs and also herbal medicines that work on nerve generated pain. There are also herbs that are especially useful for those that find that pain stops them from being able to get a good nights sleep.

Pain management prescriptions

Brisbane Natural Health offers a short naturopathic pain management consultation, which involves a naturopath taking a brief history and looking into your current medications to avoid interactions. They can then prescribe you practitioner strength natural medicines to help you manage you pain on an ongoing basis, checking in with you intermittently to make sure that the treatment is still relevant to your current pain status.

Pain management consults with our naturopaths are $69 for a 30 minute appointment, which can include live blood analysis or VLA (bio-impedance testing) to assess you, depending on your needs. Call us 07 3367 0337 to book.

To make an appointment with a chiropractor, massage therapist, acpuncturist or naturopath to help with pain management, call us on 07 3367 0337 or click here. And if you’re not sure who to see – please call us and we will be able to steer you in the right direction.