Nutrition is most commonly associated with diets for weight loss, weight gain/body building but can also assist with overcoming deficiency states, pre/during and post pregnancy times, detoxification diets and elimination diets for food allergies or intolerances.

Nutrition can be applied across all health conditions since nutrition is the science of fuel for the body. Each cell in the body requires particular nutrients and co-factors to function and re-generate. You literally are made up of what you eat!

“All disease begins in the gut” Hippocrates, Father of Medicine

We will want to see your typical dietary habits when you first come in. This is the best way to work out how to tailor the advice to you, using the types of food that you like and know how to cook with. It is an easy way to see what times of day or with what foods we might want to focus. We understand that people lead busy lives and will work with you to ensure the treatment suggestions and advice are relevant to your individual requirements. Introducing manageable changes is ideal for long-term effectiveness for you.

Listen to Katherine Maslen talk about ‘How to Up Your Good Gut Bacteria’ on 2UE

Depending on the condition that you begin with, it may be necessary to provide supplement high-quality needed. We have access to a high-quality dispensary as well as a variety of food products available in the store for convenience. It would be intended, however, to educate you on the best way to access these nutrients through your diet for the long term.

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