Shift Naturopath

Sheila Murray (BHSc) is a naturopath and herbalist with over 15years experience in naturopathic holistic medicine. Her treatments deliver results from using best practice and evidence-based integrative approaches for her clients. As an expert clinical naturopath, she has a broad range of experience across many conditions, including thyroid, fertility, hormone issues, and gut health.

Sheila seeks to inspire ongoing wellness practices for her clients and supports this with testing, detailed health histories and incorporating iridology, tongue and nail analysis to realise a holistic view of a person’s physical and emotional health. The body is continually offering signposts as to where within the cause of a disturbance lies and throughout her years in practise, Sheila has become acutely tuned in to following these signs or ‘roadmap’ of the body. Based on her holistic assessment and in collaboration with her client, she will create a tailor-made plan that will support and address the unique imbalances occurring within each individual client.

Sheila fully embraces the philosophy that it is only by fully exploring and addressing the causes behind symptoms, conditions, and diseases, that balance be restored and wellness achieved.

Using liquid herbal tonics, each one created individually to match her client’s specific needs, as well as nutritional supplements, dietary advice and an integrated approach with other health care professionals, Sheila aims to support her clients on their journey to complete, holistic wellness at Brisbane Natural Health.

To make an appointment with Sheila at Brisbane Natural Health, call us on 07 3367 0337 or email her at