Many athletes use chiropractic care to improve their health, wellbeing and performance.  The brain and nervous system run your entire body – muscles, ligaments, joints, lung capacity, heart rate – everything!  They all work because your brain tells them what to do.  When this doesn’t happen as we’d like, we see the body function at a lower level.  We feel tired, slow, weak, tight, sore and less capable.  Chiropractic helps the communication between the body and the brain, leading to a higher level of activity.  Some common benefits with chiropractic include:

IMPROVED FLEXIBILITY…   Ligaments and muscles loosen leading to a more flexible spine and body.

STRENGTH…   When nerve interference is removed, the brain sends stronger signals to every part of your body.  Stronger signals mean stronger muscles.

INJURY RECOVERY…   Chiropractic care improves blood and nerve flow to the body to finely tune healing and aid recovery.

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