Shift your health. Shift your life.

At Shift we believe that…

Wellness is a journey. 

It’s how you navigate the journey that determines the end result.

To succeed you need resources.

Getting the right advice, insights, treatments and support will help you to arrive where you want to be.

That issues brings insights.

What if you had something to gain from being unwell? If you navigate the wellness journey right, you should come out the other side a better version of yourself.

Small shifts lead to profound changes.

Healing takes time, but if we continually work on making the shift, you’ll arrive where you need to be.

Shift at Brisbane Natural Health

Our flagship Brisbane clinic, Brisbane Natural Health was where it all began for us. Created by naturopath Katherine Maslen, Shift at Brisbane Natural Health was born out of the desire to help people to move through the issues, dis-ease and blockages that stopped them from shifting.

It’s not just about taking supplements and getting treatment, it’s about rediscovering yourself and truly changing your health for good.

A whole body approach to healing

At Shift at Brisbane Natural Health we acknowledge that you are a whole person. When you have a swathe of multiple symptoms, you can often feel overwhelmed about where to start. The thing is, that usually these symptoms are connected, and it’s about being a detective and finding out where the best place to start is.

Because we offer a holistic approach to healing to help you heal, you may see one or a combination of naturopathy, acupuncture,  massage, hypnotherapy and intuitive healing, depending on your needs.

Founded in 2010 by principal naturopath Katherine Maslen, Shift at Brisbane Natural Health was created when Katherine found that traditional natural health care didn’t fully support people through their healing journey.

Who is Katherine Maslen?

Katherine is a mother, naturopath, nutritionist, author, media commentator and host of The Shift podcast. She has a strong background in clinical practice and has seen over 4000 clients one on one in her 14 years of practice. This has given her a unique insight into the wellness journey and what people need to progress through it.

Katherine founded Brisbane Natural Health in 2010 after working in several other multi-modality clinics. It fast became one of Australia’s leading wellness centres and is now seen as a leader in the natural health space. In 2016 Katherine launched a world-first membership program which was received to wide acclaim and is now a cornerstone of our offerings here at Shift at Brisbane Natural Health.

Katherine is the author of bestselling book Get Well, Stay Well and the host of the podcast The Shift. In addition to heading up a team of 15 at Shift at Brisbane Natural Health, she is the founder and creative director of Shift and the head of the naturopathic team both in clinic and virtually.

Katherine explains why she created Shift…

“I’d say I’ve been through quite a lot in my life so far. And while some people might  think that it’s unfortunate, or even feel sorry for me, I am really grateful because without experiencing what I have I wouldn’t be who I am today.

To cut a long story short, I grew up in a home with domestic violence which had huge implications for my emotional and physical health. The consequence of this was that I ended up homeless, addicted to heroin and living on the streets on Melbourne at the age of 15. This was one of the hardest times of my life, and it really took a toll. I developed depression, acne and had low self confidence and no self worth. It was not until I stumbled across natural therapies that my life began to change and I was able to begin to discover what I needed to do to heal. 

Luckily, I was able to get out of this environment when I was 15 and start again. Though it wasn’t until I began to study naturopathy at the age of 20 that my healing journey really began. Through the process of learning to help others, I finally seeked help and began to heal. It took me on a journey of self discovery I learnt to love myself again. I regained my energy and zest for life. I even resolved my acne. 

I have been through a lot of shifts in my life which has really helped me to gain perspective on what health and wellness is really all about. But there was a point in my career that I began to notice patterns in my patients. I noticed that there was a success criteria – a number of things that people needed to occur in order to successfully make their shift. 

I believe that health problems are our teachers. They give us an amazing opportunity to tune back into what our body and soul needs to thrive, and to move through self-limiting beliefs and behaviours that limit our potential. 

My purpose is to help people shift, and everything I write, speak about and create is made with this intention. I hope that we can inspire you to make your next big shift.”

To learn more about Katherine’s story and what it takes to make a shift, listen to episode 2 of The Shift, here

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