These day most of us have attempted, or at least heard of the term “detox”. It is something that we tend to do either as a panicked attempt to get fit for summer or as a truce gesture after a long party season. But what is detoxing really all about and is it something that you should reconsider as part of a balanced lifestyle?

Detoxification has been around for as long as Naturopathic philosophy. It was traditionally performed by whole families in the Spring season to rid the heavy stagnation of winter meats and broths.

fruit and veggies

Importance was placed on consuming elixirs of fresh green shoots and liver restoring roots and this is much the same principles of todays modern “Detox”.

A modern “Detox” with a Naturopath focuses on a spring clean diet rich in wholefoods and low in sugar to put as little pressure on the body as possible. This is supported by plenty of fresh water, sleep and exercise to give it a chance to heal the best way it can. You will often find that Naturopaths will include cleansing herbs and nutrients as part of their regime to encourage the body to return to its natural clean state.

The philosophy behind this approach is to support the bodies fully functioning detoxification pathways. That’s right, the body is constantly detoxing all by itself all of the time. The reason why we deem a program a “Detox” is to highlight the fact that by taking away all substances and habits which challenge the body we allow it to restore balance and clear out greater loads of waste that constantly weigh us down. In a Naturopathic view, the greatest support we can give our bodies are vital nutrients and herbal remedies to focus on detoxification organs. The liver, the whole digestive system, kidneys, lungs and skin are all focused on whilst performing a detox. By supporting these organs the body is able to ‘get on top’ of all the toxins it has been trying to clear while we have being enjoying our glass of Merlot.

The best way to detox is under the care of a qualified health practitioner. The concept may sound simple enough but you may have had experience of detoxing bringing up some unpleasant side effects. A Naturopath will do everything they can to prepare and support the body to avoid this as much as possible as this can be a sign that the body is not coping with a sudden release of toxins from the body. This is exactly what we are trying to achieve so best not to put any extra unnecessary pressure on.

The benefits of regular detoxification are endless. When you take the pressure off the body you allow it to heal and repair itself to your natural state of wellness and beauty. When you combine this with an amazing diet, plenty of essential nutrients plently of exercise and fresh water you get a new lease of life. Living with regular detoxification you will find that your immune problems and your digestive problems just melt away and your friends will start asking you what your secret is to shedding those extra kilos and glowing skin.

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