We are passionate about educating and inspiring you to be the healthiest version of yourself. Sometimes this means more than just having treatments or taking supplements – it means learning what you can do every day to make yourself healthier and happier.

Our workshops and seminars are designed to help you make real and lasting change in your life. Check out the google calendar below for upcoming dates. Some workshops are held every 2-3 months so be sure to scroll forward if you can’t see it this month. 

Most workshops are $25 for non-members and free for members of the clinic, who can also bring a plus one for free.

We also host a 2 session mindfulness course and a 2 session healthy relationships course. Call us to find out more.


Wednesday | 4 September | 6 pm

Using natural cleaning products, skin care, and knowing what you are eating and drinking definitively effects not only our bodies but the next generation too. No need to be fearful, it’s about education. It is why one of the most important workshops we hold here is Environmental Toxins.

Join Sheila as she gives you an educated guide on navigating through information so you can then make informed decisions for you and your family!

We’ll talk about food and water contaminants, plastics, skin care, cleaning products and more.

Hosted by Naturopath Sheila Murray | $25 | Free for clinic members (bring a friend for free)

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Tuesday | 10 September | 6 pm

Did you know that you have more bacteria cells in your gut than you do cells in your body? Or that your gut bacteria can affect your immune system, moods, absorption and more? Enter fermented foods – your gut bacteria’s BFF when it comes to wellness.

In this session you’ll see how you can make fermented foods right at home for next to nothing. We’ll have some live demos and you’ll get to taste several fermented foods while you learn about the properties of each and how they are made.

Join Iwa as she shares her many years of well-practised cooking & fermented foods GOLD. Be sure to bring a notebook, and you are in for an absolute TREAT with her delicious fermented food goodies!

Hosted by the genius Foodie Naturopath Iwa Brown | $25 | Free for clinic members (bring a friend for free)

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Saturday | 14 September | 10 am

At BNH we care about you holistically.  The body and mind need to work in harmony in order for you to function to full potential.  Many of you will be specifically working on physiological issues and we encourage you to work with psychological ones as well, bringing your mind and body into a sequence.

Join Rebecca as she leads this amazing course on Mindfulness.

Hosted by Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist Rebecca Eather | $25Free for clinic members (bring a friend for free)

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Saturday | 21 September | 9:30 am – 12 pm

Katherine will help you understand your unique form of PCOS (there are 4 subtypes), the underlying causes and what you can do right now to begin to manage it. You’ll learn about all of the treatment options out there, from herbal medicine to addressing the emotional components of this condition.

Hosted by Naturopath, Nutritionist, Author and Host of The Shift Podcast, Katherine Maslen | Super Early Bird Tickets from $25 | Free for clinic members (bring a friend for free)

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Thursday | 26 September | 6 pm

At Brisbane Natural Health we help over 80% of the couples we see to get pregnant. 

In this workshop our principal naturopath Katherine will not only teach you her fertility diet methods but she will discuss how naturopathy and acupuncture can also help and the role that they have in enhancing your own natural fertility. If you want to get pregnant now or in the near future then don’t miss this great workshop!

Hosted by Naturopath, Nutritionist, Author and Host of The Shift Podcast, Katherine Maslen | $25 each (or per couple) | Free for clinic members (bring a friend for free)

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Saturday | 28 September | 10 am

Understanding what makes each other tick and communicating effectively are the foundations of a long and loving relationship.

In this 2-part course, Rebecca -gives you tips and techniques to build a healthy relationship.

Hosted by Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist Rebecca Eather | $25 Free for clinic members (bring a friend for free)

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WEBINAR | GUT HEALTH: Digestion, Microbes and You.

Monday | 30 September | 7:30 pm

Join Gut Health Expert and host of The Shift Podcast, Katherine Maslen in this exciting webinar. 

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