5 reasons why a ‘past life’ healing may be beneficial for you


We are born into this life as babies with our brains completely fresh and new. But our Spirit contains years upon years of memories. These memories, holograms or karmic imbalances can cause havoc in our life. 

There are a few main signs that can point towards ‘past life’ issues that need help in healing and resolving. 

Here are 5 reasons why a ‘past life’ healing may benefit you:

1. Unexplainable fear 

Do you have a fear that doesn’t make sense? Do you have a fear of something you’ve never experienced or isn’t something you’re ever likely to cross paths with? Do you have an overwhelming or crippling fear that impacts your life?

This could be a fear of flying even if you’ve never been on a plane or never intend to. This could be a fear of sharks, even though you’ve never seen one and don’t live anywhere near an ocean. Or it could be something like a fear of the dark that leaves you hyperventilating even into your adult years.

When these fears don’t make sense or give you extreme reactions, we can look to a trauma or death experience from a past life that is keeping these fears alive. 

2. Skin markings

Do you have a birthmark that is quite unique? It might be large, oddly shaped or coloured, or even different to any birthmark you’ve seen before? Do you have scarring without an event to tie it to?

These skin markings can be from a hologram of abuse or trauma that you have faced in a past life. There are even books that have been written on children who remember their past life deaths and how their birthmarks were previously wounds.

3. Repeated trauma

Have you experienced terrible trauma multiple times in your life in similar circumstances? We see this a lot with women who were molested as children, then go on to experience rape, and sometimes not only once, but multiple times throughout their adult years.

When you are experiencing high levels of trauma (the type where going through this once would deem to be more than enough trauma for one human for a lifetime) we need to look at your past life experiences.

Where is the trauma looping, and what can we heal in the past life that is still bringing this experience into your current reality? 

4. Suffering

Most people we see who have severe health issues, terminal illnesses, or debilitating mental health struggles, need to look at a past life issue. Some of these mental or physical health issues have been (or manifesting) there since birth.

When these issues have not had the time or a cause to manifest in this lifetime, we look to past lives to see where and why this being had been sentenced to a life of suffering. 

5. Trauma before the age of 7

From a Spiritual perspective, we see the first 7 years of a child’s life extremely telling for what’s going to come for the rest of their life.

In these 7 years, the child will take on programming from external factors and also create coping mechanisms, beliefs and decisions that will create cycles of similarity throughout their entire life – until healed.

If the child has suffered trauma before the age of 7 – knowing that this is the starting point for suffering throughout the rest of their life – we look to the past lives to see what karmic loops, contracts, or cycles have pushed these events forward.

Ready to learn more about your past life?

If you resonate with something on this list, you can book a session with a Shift practitioner to clear your past life experiences. We offer face-to-face appointments in our Milton clinic 6 days a week. At Shift, we have a team of emotional wellness experts including Jess Dunn, Kristina Nott and Makensi Caldwell that specialise in Holographic Kinetics and Energetic Healing. If you are unsure and have questions, email hello@theshiftclinic.com with any questions, or book a session using the button below.
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