Holographic Kinetics is an advanced Aboriginal healing technique based on an ancient understanding of Lore, the universal laws that govern the creation, and the knowledge that everything in nature is alive and can be communicated with.

Thoughts and emotions from difficult experiences in the past can become trapped in a person’s body to create realities.

When experienced in the past they affect the present, which in turn affects the future. Once trapped, these energies are carried through time, negatively affecting people’s lives. These trapped energies interact with the external world, and following the law of attraction, like attracts like, they will attract to themselves similar negative experiences.

The world in which we live is a field of energy frequencies where everything affects everything else. Every cause has an effect and every creation must eventually return to balance. Trapped negative energies can affect a person’s perception of reality and act as a filter through which the person interprets the world, and can also have a very negative effect on how the person perceives reality. As a result, emotionally they can create depression, fear or anxiety; mentally they can create confusion, compulsive disorders, stress, and physically they can create discomfort or pain.

By going on a non-invasive internal journey the client can access the dimension where such energies were first entrapped in order to acknowledge what occurred and release that energy. Once cleared the person can see the world differently as their perception is no longer influenced by their past negative experiences allowing them to be free to create positive life experiences.

Our Holographic Kinetics practitioners Makensi Caldwell and Kristina Nott have seen powerful shifts in peoples mental and physical wellbeing by using this effective method of healing.

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