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Need a Brisbane Naturopath? Our experienced team can help.

At Shift at Brisbane Natural Health our naturopathy team works collaboratively to address even the most complex health complaints. Our holistic approach looks after the whole of you, guiding your through the wellness journey and helping you take your health back into your own hands.

Naturopathy suits patients that want to explore their whole health and correct imbalances that cause ill health to occur in the first place. Our naturopaths have helped thousands of patients across nearly every condition to improve their health and ultimately live a better life.

We work by improving the landscape of your entire health and using naturopathic medicine to help the whole of you to heal. You’ll quickly notice changes in your energy, sleep, gut symptoms and moods. After a while you’ll also notice changes with hormones and immune issues. Naturopathy treats the whole body, so benefits are across multiple systems.

If you’re ready to make a shift in your health and your life, our naturopath Brisbane specialists are ready to help you.

Get in touch with your body and understand what is happening on a deeper level.

Click here to learn about our Naturopathic Discovery and Diagnosis Appointment.


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Virtual appointments are available

Naturopathy is at the heart of Shift at Brisbane Natural Health. We have 4 amazing practitioners in our Milton clinic that work collaboratively to achieve amazing results for our clients. Brisbane Naturopath, host of The Shift and author Katherine Maslen is our founder and principal naturopath. Working alongside Katherine we have Melissa Salmon, Vanessa Cobern and Nicole Peasnell. All of our Brisbane naturopaths have a minimum qualification level of a Bachelor degree and a wealth of experience in helping patients with complex complaints, so you’ll be well taken care of.

Naturopath Brisbane Experts

All of our naturopaths have been hand-picked by Katherine to be part of the Shift at Brisbane Natural Health team, and share the same philosophy around health and wellness.

Naturopaths draw on medicines from nature to promote healing within the body. These natural medicines, including herbs, foods and nutritional supplements are aimed at helping your body heal itself – with a little help of course! Naturopathy works on healing the whole body, rather than treating issues in isolation.

What can a naturopath help with?

You can see a Brisbane naturopath for nearly any condition, including digestive issues, stress and mood disorders, reproductive issues, poor immunity, sleep problems and more.

Our particular specialties are PCOS, endometriosis, fertility, thyroid conditions, digestive issues, autoimmune disease, and chronic and complex conditions. Between our 4 Naturopaths, they have a lot of experience and there isn’t much they haven’t come across.

You don’t need to have a specific diagnosis to see a naturopath at Shift, they are treating you, not your disease. This is what makes naturopathy so effective, the individualisation to each person helps to target what is really going on.

The first step is to book an initial Discovery and Diagnosis Appointment. You can learn more about the session here, and then either call us or use the booking form on this site to book.

We prescribe and dispense only the highest quality natural medicines available, so that we get great results, every time.

Dispensary Gemma And Katherine Long

What happens when you see a Shift naturopath?

On your first visit, our naturopaths will take a journey through your full health history to look for the cause of your problems. By treating the cause you get deep and long-lasting results – leaving you feeling better for the long run.

Your treatment plan will be made based on your individual needs – no two are the same! This means that the medicines you receive are targeted to your exact issue, allowing changes to be made much faster. Most patients report a significant change in at least some symptoms within the first 2 weeks of treatment.

Shift at Brisbane Natural Health’s naturopathic experts also use iridology (the study of the iris of the eye), tongue and nail analysis to get a better picture of your complete health. Blood and other testing are also useful – so, bring in copies if you have them. Katherine, Vanessa, Lorraine or Melissa may order further testing depending on your individual case – this can include functional pathology or conventional blood testing.

What will my naturopath prescribe me?

Every consultation will come complete with a personalised prescription for you. This will include dietary and lifestyle advice and naturopath prescribed herbal medicines/nutritional supplements. At our Milton clinic, our naturopaths only ever use the best quality practitioner strength natural medicines available to achieve great results every time.

Click here to find out what happens during your initial Discovery and Diagnosis Session at Shift.

Want to know more about Katherine and her naturopathic team? Visit her Naturopath Brisbane website.


What our some of our clients have been kind enough to say…

Book Your Naturopathy Appointment Online

Virtual appointments are available


An initial appointment (Discovery & Diagnosis session) with a Shift Brisbane naturopath is $249 and is up to 90 minutes in length. In the appointment you’ll gain insights into your current state of health, which key areas you need to work on and what you need to do to begin your shift.

Appointments for fertility are $269, 120 minutes in length and include both parters.

You’ll get an initial prescription which will show you what you need to take and what dietary changes we need to make right now.

Naturopathy memberships are tailored to what you need but can start from as little as $89 per week in the acute phase of treatment, and be as little as $29 per week once your condition is stabilised. After your initial assessment and diagnostic session your naturopath will map out your wellness journey and discuss your options as well as the costs involved.

You can have your initial appointment without becoming a member of the clinic, this is still highly valuable and you’ll get some key insights to make some initial shifts.

Please bring any blood or other testing to you to your appointment (or better still scan and email to us beforehand) so your naturopath can use these in your assessment. You can obtain these by calling your doctors (or allied health practitioners) office and requesting cop

Yes! The initial consultation (Discovery & Diagnosis session) will provide you with a great amount of value and insight on its own. Our clients report feeling more at ease and informed about their health when they leave. You’ll get advice to begin to shift, which will help you whether you decide to continue the journey and become a member or not.

Our naturopaths are all highly qualified and have training in pharmacology. We are hyper aware of any herb-drug or nutrient-drug interactions and will only prescribe you natural medicines which compliment your allopathic treatment, not hinder it.

We have 4 excellent naturopaths that are experienced in a wide range of conditions. When you call us on 07 3367 0337 we will ask you what you need help with specifically so we can match you with the naturopath who can help the most.

We also work collaboratively so you’ll get the insight of the minds of three naturopaths rather than one. Founding naturopath Katherine Maslen will have input on all complex cases as well.

Yes! Our naturopaths see lots of patients virtually, in particular from regional and remote areas like Rockhampton, Gladstone, Roma and Mt Isa. We currently have patients in Bangladesh, New York, Cambodia and Vanuatu.

Virtual appointments are done via video chat (no accounts or software needed) or over the phone. Medicines can then be shipped to you.

Kids respond incredibly well to naturopathy. All of our naturopaths are trained in treating children with naturopathy, as well as mothers themselves so they know the unique challenges that kids are faced with.

We frequently see children and adolescents for health conditions like eczema, acne, asthma, digestive issues and stress and fatigue.

Children and adolescents are not required to have a membership to see any practitioner at Shift, including our naturopaths. This is because they often respond very quickly, don’t need as many appointments and care is often often are less intensive than the care of adults.

Once we have all of the information that they need our naturopaths will prescribe you a specific treatment protocol to help your body to heal. We use high quality practitioner strength brands that pass our stringent quality assurance tests.

We have over 150 liquid herbal medicines and 300 supplements in the clinic, so we can use the exact thing that is needed for your current condition.

Our founder and principal naturopath Katherine Maslen was interviewed by student edge about what naturopathy is about.

Watch the video to learn about her naturopathic journey including writing her first book.

Our Blog.

Book Your Naturopathy Appointment Online

Current wait time for a naturopathy appointment is approximately 2-3 weeks – be sure to check the next few weeks for availability if your search results come up blank. If you have an urgent concern that cannot wait, please call us on 07 3367 0337 and we will do our best to fit you in earlier.

Please note you will need to ‘make a profile’ to book an appointment – this will then send us your personal details and create a client file for you. If you’d prefer to call then go through this process then please do!

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