We help you live a life you love!

At Shift, we believe in living a life that you absolutely love. We know to achieve this you’ll need to be free from bothersome symptoms, full of energy and have a healthy mind.To help you achieve this we offer…

Remedial Massage / Myotherapy Appointments

Emotional Wellness Sessions

Shift Heal Memberships (acupuncture or naturopathy)

About our life changing memberships

We are Australia’s first and only membership based wellness center. We specialise in helping you achieve a level of healing that goes beyond you simply ‘feeling better’. Feel better you will, but under our memberships you’ll also get a range of other benefits that will truly change your life. At the end of a Shift Heal membership, you’ll leave the clinic…

  • Reconnected with your own body, knowing what is normal for you and what is not
  • Empowered with knowledge of how to nourish your body, prevent disease and maintain your new-found amazing health
  • With a heap of tasty and easy healthy recipes that you’ll love
  • With a deeper connection with your emotional and spiritual self
  • With tools that help you to continue to grow and flourish in your life, long after you leave us

Our Shift Heal memberships are kick-ass, if we don’t say so ourselves. They’re carefully thought out to make sure you get everything that you need for deep and profound healing.

At Brisbane Natural Health we offer the following modalities to help you feel great again

  • Naturopathy

    Naturopaths draw on medicines from nature to promote healing within the body. These natural medicines, including herbs, foods and nutritional supplements are aimed at helping your body heal itself so that you can get back to feeling your best.

  • Acupuncture

    Acupuncture is one of the oldest healing systems on earth, originating in China thousands of years ago. Acupuncture works by stimulating your meridians and particular points on the body with fine needles to promote a balancing of internal energies. Acupuncture can help with nearly any health condition and is also great for stress and relaxation.

  • Massage

    Massage therapy helps to relax the mind and heal the body. Our massage therapists offer many different types of massage to help you, including remedial massage, musculoskeletal therapy, sports injury massage, lymphatic drainage massage and relaxation (swedish) massage. If you need any type of massage or pain relief our Milton clinic is sure to have the solution to help!

  • Hypnotherapy

    There are several reasons to try hypnosis, and Brisbane Natural Health is home to the best hypnotherapist in Brisbane. We offer caring professional hypnotherapy treatment in a welcoming clinic environment. If you’ve tried several conventional and alternative medicine approaches and nothing has worked for your condition/s, hypnotherapy may be just what you’re looking for.

  • Energetic Healing

    Energetic healing can help with emotional issues like anxiety, depression. low self esteem and fears. It helps to unveil hidden issues from your subconscious and spiritual levels that you may  not be able to access otherwise. This is also great for people with stubborn health complaints that do not respond to conventional therapy.

  • Natural Fertility Care

    Preparing for a pregnancy should be an exciting time in your life, but for some couples this excitement is marred by their difficulties in falling pregnant. If you’re looking for a clinic offering natural fertility in Brisbane, the team here at Brisbane Natural Health can help. We take a team approach to guide you to the practitioners that are best suited to your individual needs.

  • Seminars

    Brisbane Natural Health is passionate about educating people on natural health topics. Our naturopaths, acupuncturists, hypnotherapists, musculoskeletal therapists and chiropractors run seminars and workshops regularly on lots of exciting health topics. Call us on 07 3367 0337 to learn more or to book your place.

We Specialise In Helping Patients With Difficult To Treat And Chronic Health Complaints

Our team of therapists specialise in treating patients with difficult, complicated and severe health conditions. Our team of naturopaths, acupuncturists, massage therapists, energetic healers and hypnotherapists have helped many people overcome seemingly incurable conditions to go on to live their life the way that they want to. We have a range of memberships that cover most health complaints, including various modalities depending on what your exact needs are.

How Natural Therapies Help

Natural health care was around long before conventional medicine and has helped to shape our health system today. Natural therapies work with the rhythm of your own body, assisting healing from within.

Natural therapies are fast becoming a highly sought after avenue to improving your health, because they work! Natural therapies are based on tradition, but science is proving their effectiveness through more trials and clinical studies every day.

For some people a single therapy helps, but for others a multi-practitioner approach works best. For example, we find that the fastest results for migraine sufferers are found when combining acupuncture along with dietary changes from our naturopath.

Another example is our massage therapists working together with our acupuncturists to help relieve pain or our acupuncturists and naturopaths working together to find the fastest route to conception for infertile couples.

Our practitioners are trained to find you the assistance which will work best for you, and may suggest other therapies in conjunction with, or instead of your chosen treatment if they think that you will get faster and more long lasting results this way.

Call us on 07 3367 0337 to book an appointment today.