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Shift at Brisbane Natural Health could not exist without our brilliant, brave patients that help us bring our message to the community. Thank you to everyone who has shared their experience with us.

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Oksana shares her experience as a member of Brisbane Natural Health having seen multiple practitioners at the clinic.

Katie shares her progress after completion of her Health Reboot membership.

Claudia talks about her Total Health Reboot Membership results.

Mia talks about her 6 month journey with Brisbane Natural Health.

Judy and her daughter Zoe talk about their health journeys and how our team approach has helped them.

Denise talks about how her naturopathic and supportive treatment helped her to avoid having surgery.

I’m so glad I found Gemma and Katherine from Shift at Brisbane Natural Health, even though I was considered a healthy 33yr old according to Drs blood tests, I have not felt well in my body for at least 10 years and lacked energy, had strange symptoms and then had a diagnoses of a huge fibroid and severe endometriosis. I initially was hesitant to join given the ongoing financial commitment but I knew I had to invest in my own health, I couldn’t go on feeling so tired another 10 years.
The ongoing nature of the appointments was the best thing for me, otherwise I probably would have been inconsistent and not seen results. Turning up every few weeks and discussing my progress made me face the fact that I wasn’t caring for my body and I had some big emotional wounds/blocks that I needed to address. I actually found it SO difficult to take supplements and care for my body. I found Gemma completely nurturing and caring which is what I needed. She was always helpful, on-hand to answer any questions, knowledgable and genuinely cared. She dug deeper with some of my tests to find further issues that we were able to address.
I noticed a huge change within just a few days because of the iron supplements that were prescribed – every cent was worth just finding iron tablets that worked! Overall my menstrual cycles are incredibly less symptomatic, my energy is better and I manage now to take care of my body with exercise, better nutrition and supplements. Although I’m not perfect I’ve come so far with this. We did have our first successful pregnancy test throughout my time with Brisbane Natural health as well, although it didn’t make it past a few weeks I know my body is in a much stronger and healthier state to carry a  baby.
Sally Maxwell

I have had a lower back injury since May & although there has been an improvement I wake up daily with stiffness and pain in the rear of my right hip. I ‘live’ with it, I exercise & gradually during the day it ‘goes away’ only to return the next morning. Recently after a long haul flight I was in a lot of pain & booked in to see Sarah for the 1st time at BNH. She was warm, friendly and listened to my issues. Sarah did some deep work on the front of my hips which I haven’t had done before & I felt incredibly light and pain free afterwards. I had my 2nd treatment last week with Sarah, again feeling in safe & experienced hands, the treatment was deep but nurturing & afterwards I not only felt pain free but felt I could breathe more deeply. The next morning & until today I have had no hip pain at all upon waking! It has made such a difference to the way I ‘tackle’ the day ahead, living with pain is tiring & you don’t realise until it’s treated the knock on effect of that. I wake feeling happier & motivated, not tired & frustrated! I’m looking forward to my next treatment. Sarah, Taylor, Katherine & the team are all wonderful, caring people. Thank you BNH.

Catherine White

I was recommended to Katherine after nearly 20 years of recurrent surgeries, daily blood tests, countless MRIs, ultrasounds and expensive medication programs. My fertility specialist advised me to pursue adoption following 20 years of severe recurrent endometriosis, adenomyosis, uterine fibroids, fibrocystic breasts, poor fertilisation, poor implantation, chronic fatigue and multiple miscarriages. My quality of life has changed exponentially since I started seeing Katherine. I now have lots of energy, I have a monthly menstrual cycle instead of fortnightly and I no longer experience pain and PMS.

I was sceptical about seeing a naturopath with whimsical experiences in the past. My concerns have all been resolved. I was particularly drawn to the fact that Katherine orders and assesses blood and endocrinology tests so that I can see tangible progress throughout my treatment program. Over the last 20 years I have been treated for each disease individually through surgery and medication with no success. Basic research showed that all of these conditions were linked and therefore I wanted to treat the underlying cause to overcome these diseases. Katherine identified this immediately and the results have been impressive to date. I cannot recommend Katherine highly enough, she is highly professional and well educated. I feel optimistic that I will be able to update this feedback with positive pregnancy in the near future.

Patient wishes to remain anonymous

I always thought that is was not ‘normal’ to feel constantly tired, have aches and pains and constantly get sick. It got to a point where I decided it was time to try a natural approach to wellness. I am so grateful to all that have been involved with my treatment as I now feel 100% on what I previously felt.


My experience at Brisbane Natural Health was really good. My naturopath took me through a steady course adjusting the treatment based on my symptoms. All my questions were addressed during each visit and I could always email more, if required. In the end, I would say that the effectiveness of the treatment depends on how committed you are. If you follow the program properly, slowly but surely you will see results.

Omer Rehman, ClayfieldBusiness Systems Analyst

Well they know me very well at this amazing natural health clinic! There is so much to get out of this place! I could go on all day! I first came to this clinic to see Holly about a year ago, one of the Naturopaths, who has helped me discover the causes of many of my chronic gastrointestinal issues and she has formed numerous plans for me that have been of great benefit to my overall health!
Holly has a great deal of knowledge on many issues regarding general health and provides a holistic approach to help with all kinds of issues you might have. She has helped with my skin, stress, gastro issues, diet, any much more! I also recently had my first appointment with Andrew, it was incredible! Andrew’s knowledge is so extensive and you can see how dedicated and interested he is in his treatments, I left feeling like I was floating! AMAZING! And not just for muscular or stress problems… he does everything!!! I can’t wait for my next session with him to see what else he has to offer! I am about to also have my first appointment with the hypnotherapist here too in a few days to see if she can give additional help for my stress and see if I can get even healthier!! The design of this place is fantastic! I have never been pressured to see any of the other therapists after seeing Holly a year ago… I just couldn’t resist trying them all out gradually and I’m so glad I have! Definitely recommend this place to anyone and everyone! You wont regret it! Oh and the receptionists are gorgeous too =)

Jodie Hetherington Brisbane

My experience with Brisbane Natural Health has been fantastic. I also take my kids there and I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone seeking any kind of natural health practiitoners.

Iwa BrownHerston, Student

I first starting seeing Katherine Maslen at BNH for infertility and stress. The level of care given by Katherine is second to none, she is absolutely amazing. After seeing Katherine and working on my health issues, I fell pregnant naturally and had a dream pregnancy with no morning sickness or nausea! I still see Katherine post pregnancy and I feel great. Katherine has been so supportive and I know she is only a phone call or email away if I have a question or need an appointment. I honestly can’t thank her enough!

Rebecca Slusarski

This group of professionals provide a holistic approach to natural health and well-being. They come together and discuss approaches ensuring that one treatment will compliment another treatment. This is a practice that really care about the people that walk through their door.

Rachael McGilvery

Very friendly and helpful staff always willing to help resolve your health issues in the most timely and inexpensive way”

Carla Beattie

Treatments and practitioners have always exceeded my expectations and appear to fit in well with the rest of the practice. Best sign of faith is recommendation and I have no qualms in recommending friends and family.

A Banfield

I have seen several of the health professionals over the last couple of years and I have always found them to be excellent. I am very happy to be under their care, I know they always have my best interest at heart. I feel that both Hugh and Gemma in their own individual ways went above and beyond and really showed that they are very very good at what they do and should be in the industry. I am very lucky to have found them. I have also always found the receptionists to be of a very high standard. Than you for always making me feel special and helping me when sometimes I’ve not been too well, it is greatly appreciated.

Belinda WeedenMilton

I was suffering stiff shoulder and neck for weeks and been to other massage and acupuncture but nothing worked. After a remedial massage at BNH, I felt relax and lower back pain improved a lot immediately. Had a good nap at home and lower back pain was dramatically minimized. Professional advice was given which gave me peace of mind.

Shin Ling

I feel better after just one treatment!

Brenda KuzykBrookfield – after first MST session

Really like the fact that Emma was really thorough and knew her anatomy well

Carly Madderom

Gemma was excellent! She listened to my issues and came up with an extensive care plan. I can’t wait to feel 100% again.

Nathaniel Wierks

Brisbane Natural Health played a critical role in our ability to conceive our beautiful son and for that I can’t rate the service highly enough. I was having trouble conceiving and a friend recommended Katherine Maslen. After a few months of seeing Katherine I was amazed at how much healthier I felt. Also, the pain from my endometriosis was gone. So good were the results that my once skeptical partner agreed to visit too. The end result was that we conceived naturally, one month before we were due to start IVF. I highly recommend Katherine to anyone with fertility and endometriosis issues; she is truly amazing and incredibly supportive.

Trudy Parsons

Felt a massive improvement health wise and have a much better connection with my body than I have had in years. My energy levels have increased and I feel like I am more capable of being able to sustain a much more smootherer, focused delivery of them. Any questions I had were answered and explained thoroughly in a chilled out, relaxed lingo that made things easier to understand. I am very grateful for the friendly attitude and depth of professionalism. Have, do, and will continue to highly recommend.

-Naturopathy patient

Ian MulqueenyBrisbane

I loved how approachable everyone in the clinic was, and if I had any questions they were very quick to answer them. All well trained and bursting with happiness!

Rebecca McCormack

I feel like the employees actually care

Melanie Flanagan

Great service, you gave me the sense that I was “important”

Linda BoumanMassage

“The massage was outstanding.”

Keith Burrows

It was a great experience, starting with the lady on reception and ending with the wonderful massage by Norman. Would definitely recommend to my friends.

Leonie Motum

“Excellent massage & professional advise!”

Miranda Ling

“Fantastic place, customer service is great, staff are amazing and treatment was great. Love finding great places like this, highly recommended”

Carly Madderom

The session was excellent, it was thorough, stress free, respectful and informative. I finally feel like the source of my issues were addressed and appreciated the feedback and changes the great advice.

– Naturopathy patient after first visit.

Jean-Robert HervouetRochedale