To help you budget we have included a list of our consultation/treatment fees below. We pride ourselves in being the best of the best – our consultation times are designed to allow enough time to treat you holistically – we will never rush you out of the door.

Due to the demand for our services, we require a deposit for your first appointment (naturopathy, emotional wellness and acupuncture) at the clinic. This will be taken over the phone and taken off the cost of your first appointment.

All of our practitioners are also covered for health fund rebates if they are available – check with your health fund to find out what rebates your package offers.

We are also Australia’s only membership based holistic health practice – so a range of membership options will be presented to you after your initial assessment for naturopathy clients (massage, acupuncture and emotional wellness clients can come for individual sessions). Our memberships start from $69 a week and scale up in inclusions and price depending on your needs.

Please call us on 07 3367 0337 if you need to know if we can help with a specific condition before booking, or to learn more about our memberships before booking.


Discovery and Diagnosis (General Health) – $249 – allow 90 minutes

  • naturopathic diagnosis, assessment and initial diet plan.

Discovery and Diagnosis (Fertility) – $269 – allow up to 2 hours

  • naturopathic fertility diagnosis, assessment and health planning – includes assessment of BOTH partners.

**Discovery and Diagnosis sessions (D&D) are a standalone appointment where you’ll get to understand where your current state of health is at, what areas need to be addressed and the plan to move forward. You’ll get value from coming to this appointment, even if you don’t decide to continue your health journey with us.


Initial Consultation & Treatment – $129 – 1 hour including assessment, treatment and dietary advice.

Return Appointment – from $121 –  approximately 45-60 minutes.

**Acupuncture memberships are also available



Initial Remedial Massage Appointment (60min) – $109

Return Remedial Massage Appointment (60min) – $109

– With senior remedial massage therapist (20 years experience) Tricia Bartholomaeus


Initial Myotherapy Appointment (60min) – $119

Return Myotherapy Appointment (45min) – $109

Extended Myotherapy Appointment (60min) – $119

– With Sarah Kenner – our senior myotherapist

Remedial Massage or Myotherapy?

You may be wondering which you should choose – remedial massage or myotherapy? There are many similarities – they are effective for back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain – any pain the body really! Because both of our therapists are senior practitioners, they can help you wiht most complaints. 

Shift at Brisbane Natural Health’s musculoskeletal therapists/myotherapists also can assess the cause of pain or dysfunction, so are great when you’re just not sure what the problem is. Musculoskeletal therapists / myotherapists employ a wide range of tests and techniques during your treatment, depending on what you need the most. 

If you prefer a relaxing massage, then a remedial massage is a better option (don’t worry they will still get into your sore spots). While myotherapy may not be relaxing, it is very diagnostic and an excellent option for advanced injuries or chronic complaints. If you’re still unsure call us on 07 3367 0337 and we will help you choose the best therapist for you.


Initial Hypnotherapy Appointment – 90min – $195

Return Hypnotherapy Appointment – 60min – $180

Extended Hypnotherapy Appointment – 90min – $195

Quit Smoking Hypnosis Session – 90min – $495 (includes a consolidation session 1-2 weeks post the main session)

Energetic Healing

Initial Energetic Healing Session – $185

Return Energetic Healing Session – $175

Initial Holographic Kinetics – $185

Return Holographic Kinetics – $175


Initial Kinesiology – $180

Return Kinesiology – $170

What is kinesiology?

Kinesiology is an amazing tool to support people to achieve greater health, vitality, and happiness. While it is very effective and often profound, it is always a journey to gather insight and awareness and dedicate to a new way of being.

Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring to access stress within your whole system. A kinesiologist is able to gauge what kind of stress is present, and what caused it, across all levels of your being. Muscle monitoring creates an indicator for the practitioner when there is a loss of integrity of the communication nerve signals between your muscles and brain.


Initial Consultation – $160

Return Consultation – $140


Workshops are $29-$45 per session, or free for clinic members. We have 52 workshops across the year – click here to find out more.

** Due to COVID-19, all of our workshops are online and FREE until we are out of lockdown. Check out the events on our facebook page to book.

To make an appointment with any of our fabulous practitioners, call us on 07 3367 0337 or click online bookings to make your appointment online.