What do I choose and why?

Naturopathy is a traditional healing system that has been used throughout the ages and is now backed by outstanding clinical research. Naturopathy can not only shorten the length and intensity of immune complaints but also help to ward them off in the first place.

Naturopathy helps to build natural immunity by bringing ones overall health and wellbeing into alignment. Historically Naturopaths would call your immune system your overall vitality and if you have a few too many health complaints in combination, say your digestion and immune system, then your vitality could be viewed as sub optimum. The good news is that Naturopathy has an amazing array of immune boosting herbs that can bring up your vitality in no time at all.

A common question Naturopaths are often asked is when is Naturopathy appropriate and when should you seek out help from a medical doctor. If you are at all concerned about your health or the health of a loved one then you need  to seek out alternative help immediately. Naturopathy should not replace primary health care but it also doesn’t mean that we need to hit the panic button over every lousy cold that we get.

To take the story back to the start let us take a look at prevention. The medical model offers a yearly influenza vaccine that has been designed from prediction models as to what certain strains of the influenza virus will be active for that year. It often targets particularly nasty bugs and is therefore aimed at operates from a more individuals at high immune risk. Naturopathy encompassing space by working instead on the individual as a whole to build overall immunity to all bugs including the common cold. This means that by working with a Naturopath you actually have more protection to a greater number of nasties as they cannot take hold inside such a healthy person.

Once an infection has occurred a medical doctor will provide cold and flu medicines which help reduce the severity of the symptoms. If you have a particularly bad cold or flu you may be prescribed antibiotics to eradicate any secondary bacterial infection that can display as a chest sinus infection with coloured discharge. This form of treatment is only effective against the secondary bacterial infection as antibiotics have absolutely no effect on the initial virus which is the most common underlying cause of colds and flu’s. They can also create unpleasant side effects and reduce future immunity so should only be used when absolutely necessary.

Naturopathy works to proved herbal and nutritional symptomatic relief but can also assist in boosting immunity against viruses and bacteria.  By using medicines to treat the immune system means that the underlying cause has been addressed with no further side effects. It also means that your immune system should be strengthened against any further illness for the season.

Naturopathy likes to subtly enhance the bodies natural defence systems and does not create a self perpetuating cycle of illness. Our bodies have amazing inherent healing capacity and it is one that is very easily established with the right tools. Working with a Naturopath gives you control back over your own body and allows you to create and enjoy longer lasting health and wellness.

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