The feet are one of the most important parts of body, containing a quarter of all the bones in the body. They serve us as shock absorbers, momentum initiators, and allow us to simply stand upright. So why is it that these strange fixtures on the end of our legs seem too often to be neglected?

foot being massage

In modern society there is no excuse to ignore the cries of pain or discomfort emanating from our tired and over-worked feet. Manual therapy or “Reflexology” of the feet has been around for thousands of years and progressed through numerous ancient cultures and is still alive and thriving today as a popular alternative method of healing.

Reflexology is much more than a relaxing foot massage! It encompasses the view that both the feet and hands are essentially maps of the constituents within every system in the body. By effective stimulation of various reflex areas and points on the feet, this consequently stimulates the corresponding bodily tissues whether it be organs, muscle, or connective tissues.

As a holistic healing therapy, reflexology is primarily concerned with promoting balance and eliminating factors that are unbalancing the system. To the trained hands of the reflexologist, imbalances can present themselves as congestion, tenderness, or muscular tourniquets, often placed on the body by stress, tension, toxicity or various dysfunctions in the body such as hormonal imbalance, digestive disorders, and fertility issues, just to name a few.

In addition to providing a thoroughly relaxing experience, reflexology facilitates improved blood and nerve supply to the tissues and the elimination of wastes and toxins from the body, and encompasses a holistic view of promoting health and wellbeing.

Because reflexology is completely safe and non-intrusive, it works well and is effective when used both individually or in conjunction with any other therapeutic modality, including allopathic medicine. It is a completely natural therapy that affords the relief without the use of drugs, which are too often seen as the “quick fix” for pain or disorders.

Aside from the presented benefits and healing effects of reflexology, it is also a great excuse to indulge and put your feet up and relax, and above all; it feels great!

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