5 Signs You’re Being Affected by a Past Life

1. Recurring dreams of an event

Sometimes when you keep dreaming of the same event over and over, it is your spirit’s way of bringing a traumatic or troubling event to a conclusion. The purpose is to make meaning of it so that the issue can be let go and you can move on. Otherwise, if we can’t make meaning of it then the situation may repeat itself in this lifetime. Dreams are where we bring up what is in the subconscious, and they can provide great clues about our behaviours, even if those behaviours were created in a past life!

2. Repeating patterns

If you have any issue or situation that keeps happening in this lifetime such as maybe you keep attracting the same kind of partner, then it can be a clue that there is a particular belief you have about that person or the relationship that keeps you stuck in that pattern. It is even possible you were actually that type of person you’ve been attracting back in your previous life and the fact you are attracting them to you is a way for you to experience what you may have done in the past so you can learn a lesson from it.

3. I feel like I’ve known you my whole life 

Many of us have had this experience when you meet someone for the first time and you feel like you already know them. This can be with significant others, friendships, colleagues, anywhere in life you come across people really. You can’t quite work it out, have you met them before and just forgotten? It’s highly likely you were in each other’s lives before this one! We can play different roles each lifetime and in one life your brother can come back as your mother in this life, then your best friend in the next one, then maybe the neighbour you can’t stand in the lifetime after that! If you have someone in your life that you just can’t seem to get rid of though, then there’s a possibility that you have unfinished business that needs to be acknowledged or there’s a soul contract that you need to bring to an end because it no longer serves you both. This is very common with divorce as marriage is an eternal contract, perhaps your husband from your last lifetime comes around into your life again in this lifetime as an affair, but it’s not the right circumstances and the agreements need to be properly broken for you both to move on.

4. Panic attacks only in certain situations 

Every so often I see people who have anxiety or get panic attacks that occur only in a given location or situation but at no other times. They differ from people who suffer general anxiety issues because the problem is only inhibiting them from doing that specific thing. Invariably, this issue goes back to a trauma they experienced in a past life doing that same thing or being in that same place and with no memory of it, the trauma gets triggered when they are in a similar place or situation this lifetime and they have no idea why.

5. Significant life trauma occurs to you before the age of 3

When it comes to karma, it is important to understand that reciprocated effects can continue lifetime to lifetime and need not only be felt in this lifetime. This can be hard for people to accept because children are such innocent beings. Which is exactly why the issue most likely goes back lifetimes, because by age 3 and sometimes even up to age 7, the little being has not had enough time to accumulate present life karma. There can be issues passed down genetic hereditary lines that arise in this age bracket as well, but generally, that is because the spirit of the being has chosen that genetic line to come into for its lesson through time. Some significant events can still occur after this age and into adulthood and still be linked back to a past life incident, of course. If you think this may be the case, you can always have an energetic healing session to allow your own spirit to reveal the priority issues affecting you so that you can shift them off your timeline and move on from them.

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