Of Course I Want You To Look Beautiful!

Posted by Naturopath Holly George

But I do not want you to sacrifice your health doing it. You are far to precious to not be mindful of the chemical cocktails that your innocent looking moisturisers and lipsticks are dumping into your body.

Every day women (and men) are putting tens of thousands of toxic ingredients onto their skin, and guess what, it absorbs. These can range from hormone disruptors, mood disruptors, inflammatory agents and good old heavy metals that like to hang out in your body causing all sorts of chaos.

I get it, 20 years ago you did not want to wander into a health food store and pick up some dusty bottle of henna that will turn your hair 50 shades of orange. Nowadays though, it is a different story. There is a natural alternative to everything you can dream up! And yes it smells pretty, looks pretty and above all, it does the job.

My top tips for making the change are:

  • As each of your old products runs out make a point to find your natural alternative. This makes it an easier financial changeover.
  • Find natural products that are in a similar price bracket that you are used to. This generally equates to a similar quality.
  • Seek out product testers or contact the company for sample sachets. You want to love the smell and feel.
  • Ask around friends or people in the industry with experience to gain more of a product understanding before you buy.
  • You can even find natural day spas and beauty salons so that you need not miss out on the little luxuries of life.

Hot Stone Massage

Massage using hot stones has been used for hundreds of years to help relieve tension and pain. The heat generated by the massage stones is not only relaxing but also helps to reduce muscular tension and break up those knots using heat and pressure.

stone massage

Hot stone massage is one of the most relaxing styles of massage available. During your treatment, hot stones will be placed on your body, and they will also be used by your therapist to massage the muscles. It’s the perfect treatment to warm you up during those cold winter months!

Hot stone massage can also be great for releasing very tight muscles and trigger points, the heat helping to dissipate hard knots and tightness.

At Brisbane Natural Health you can get a one hour treatment, which covers whole body excluding hands, feet and face. A one and a half hour massage gives you luxurious whole body experience, including your hands, feet and face if desired.

Call us on 07 3367 0337 to book your appointment or a hot stone massage at Brisbane Natural Health!