Is it finally time to fix your gut?

We've helped over 10,000 people to make a shift so we know a thing or two about gut health. In this program you will...
  • Discover the everyday foods that are harming your gut (and how to swap them out of the diet)
  • Learn which foods are necessary to heal your leaky gut
  • Discover the gut microbiome and how you need to eat to make tit thrive
  • Rediscover your health so you don’t have to be bloated, sore and tired all the time!
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Who is Gut Shift for?
Gut Shift is for you if...
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What is the end result of the program?
After completing the 12 weeks you can expect...
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Hey, I'm Katherine Maslen, and I'm going to help you shift your gut issues.
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Gut Shift will benefit anyone with digestive issues, no matter how big or small.
12 weeks. Amazing support. It's time to finally fix your gut.
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We all want to live our lives feeling light, carefree and full of energy. But too many of us are feeling heavy, bloated and generally BLEH. Why is this?

Unfortunately, a lot of what we’ve been told is the right or healthy thing to do, is just plain wrong. Advice from doctors, dieticians and the media has lead us down a path that is great for big industry and profits, but not so much for our health.

The consequence of this is that we’re reacting to foods more than ever, our tummies are upset and we can’t fit into our skinny jeans anymore 😭. We long for those days when we could eat a meal without thinking about what the consequence might be, where we could live a normal life.

Humans are perfectly equipped to be able to digest food properly, without us really noticing it. To get back to this state, we must go in and undo the damage we have done, and repair the gut.

We know how frustrating and confusing it is when your gut just isn’t right. It is something that effects us every day and let’s be honest, it can really sap the fun out of your life.

This is why we created Gut Shift, a 12 week signature program to help you beat bloating, restore your natural digestive function and make your microbiome THRIVE. Oh and we’ll also help you make the perfect poo 💩.

We have used this exact methodology to help thousands of people just like you to heal their gut using basic and effective interventions with your diet, lifestyle and emotional health.

What you'll be doing to shift your gut
Weekly Tutorials
Each week you'll have a video tutorial from Katherine. She'll break down what you have to do and help you understand why you're doing it.
Gut Shift comes with a 40 page workbook with weekly tasks and extra info to help you be successful. It makes for easy implementation.
Each week you'll get access to relevant, easy to make recipes, how-to guides and swap lists to make your dietary transitions as smooth as possible.
Community Support
You'll have access to our members support group where you can ask Katherine and our shift naturopaths questions in a weekly Q&A and get support from the group.
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Gut Shifter Jen shares her story
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Here 's what we will do together..

First, we remove all of the things you’ve been eating that damage your gut day to day. You might of tried to do these previously, but failed because you didn’t have the support. Together, we’re going to eliminate gluten, dairy, sugar and other irritants for a short period of time to begin with, to give the gut a rest to heal and restore. This might seem tough, but you don’t have to be 100% to get success and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Second, we help to heal and restore your gut function. You’ll end up with more of your wonderful digestive juices that help stop indigestion, a healthier microbiome and less leaky gut. This means less symptoms and better resilience against disease too. Yay!

Lastly, we turn our focus to your nervous system and emotional health, as this is what drives your decisions around food. We look at stress and gut function (this is HUGE!), emotions and your gut and also help you learn about how your make habits and break emotional eating.

We promise to support you every step of the way so that you can be successful and come out the other end with a robust digestive system with your symptoms banished!

Don’t spend your life obsessing about your gut. Join our group of shifters that are dedicated to shifting their gut now.

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Meet your naturopaths, who work under the guidance of Katherine Maslen.
Our team is hand picked and mentored by our founder Katherine Maslen, so you know that you’re getting the best.
The investment to fix your gut

12 weeks of videos, readings, recipes, guides and support to help you make your shift. Tailored support from Katherine Maslen and her team.

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Is it finally time to fix your gut?
We've helped over 10,000 people to make a shift so we know a thing or two about gut health. In this program you will...
You won't find a more supportive online course than this
We pride ourselves on having a supportive community where all of your questions can be answered. You’ll be supported through our 12 week process so that you actually achieve your goals. Katherine interacts with our gut shift community DAILY and it’s the only place you’ll see her right now!
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Your membership gives you…

  • 14 weeks of content (12 weeks of changes plus a pre-shift and a pos-shift week)
  • 18 Video tutorials
  • 30 Information PDFs
  • 70 Recipes from Katherine Maslen and celebrity chefs such as Pete Evans, Dan Churchill and Lee Holmes
  • Access to Katherine Maslen or a Shift naturopath for a live Q & A every week
  • Access to our private Gut Shifters facebook group that is monitored by qualified naturopaths, where you can ask questions and get advice as you go along. We answer within 48hours.

As soon as you hit purchase you’ll get immediate access to your first weeks content for Gut Shift. You’ll also have some pre-shift work to complete, to help you on the journey.

There are 12 modules, and also an additional 2 – your pre-shift (to prepare) and your post-shift (to plan your future).

Each week, you’ll recieve access to a new module with something that you’ll need to change or impliment to better your gut health. You’ll receive an email with your login to the course, where you can access your weeky video/s, PDF guides and recipes.

As we move through the weeks, each new concept will build on the last, giving you a week to really master what you have learnt and put it into action.

Gut Shift is designed to help anyone with gastrointestinal symptoms such as bloating, indigestion, tummy pain, diarrhoea, constipation, irregular bowel movements, IBS or food sensitivities.

it will also be of huge benefit to anyone who has had antibiotics more than once, or needs to improve their health because of other health conditions (where gut health is connected to the condition).

You can access Gut Shift from any device – smart phones, ipads, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

Of course! Once you join you’ll be added to our members only private facebook group where you can interact with other gut shifters and the Shift team who are there to help you.

This course is based on food as medicine principles so there are no supplement costs involved.

In part two, we will be recommending specific prebiotic and probiotic foods – we will offer ways to make your own or suggest where you can purchase also.

The Gut Shift methodology has been deigned to address all of the factors which impair gut health – so you’ll kow what to look out for when it comes to your gut.

You’ll then discover how to naturally heal your gut, using food as medicine principles.

Lastly, you’ll shine a spotlight on the emotional parts of yourself that can cause issues, as well as your current stress.

The aim of Gut Shift is to have you complete the course being more aware of what is happening in your body, what your triggers are and how to best look after yourself.

Healing takes time and there will be some effort required on your part in order to get results.

You’ll need to set aside about 30min a week to watch the video/s, read the accompanying PDFs and complete your workbook.

You may slso need a little more time for food prep, given that we’re moving away from processed food into a healthy wholefood diet.

Katherine and the team will give you several options and levels, so you can do as much or as little as you like, even basic changes can lead to large results in some.

You’ll have access to Katherine most weeks during the weekly Q&A (her team may also step in if she is away).

Katherine is also very active within the private members group, answering your questions and helping you to make your shift.

Katherine is not seeing patients in private practice so this is the only way to get access to her.

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Your gut is the centre of everything!

Your ability to digest food and absorb nutrients determines your health, and your microbiome (the bacteria that live inside you) are so important for preventing disease.

Take the quiz now to discover...
  1. How well you are digesting food.
  2. If you’re eating the right things for a healthy gut.
  3. The state of your microbiome.
  4. Your overall gut health score.
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