Hypnotherapy for Stress at Work

Hypnotherapy for stress at work

Providers of clinical hypnotherapy to help with stress at work

Signs and symptoms of stress at work

Are you feeling overwhelmed with neverending to-do lists? Do you think about problems at work over and over again?

Are you doubting your ability to do your job? Do you have low self-esteem?

Are you sleeping badly because of work? Not having the time to devote to your family?

Are you drinking too much, not getting enough exercise…all because of your job?

These are classic signs of modern-day stress. And it’s not just at work. Your subconscious mind can try and cope with a lot of stress and anxiety in your world in order to reduce pain and avoid emotional problems.

Work stress. Home stress.  Health stress. Stress comes in all forms, but it is important to reduce your stress – especially if you’re stressed at work, where you most likely spend most of your time each week.

How hypnotherapy can help you overcome work stress

Did you know the increase of people working from home during COVID has, for many people, actually increased their work stress levels as they navigate new workplace issues including lack of structure, distraction, and social isolation?

This work stress can have an effect on our work/life balance and even lead us towards coping mechanisms that are not helpful; resulting in an overloaded mind that does not deal well with the cumulative effects of stress.

Hypnotherapy for stress is a highly effective treatment that provides a deep state of relaxation to help your body relax, create awareness of your stress and work on a course forward.

Understanding our stress, recognising its numerous symptoms and acquiring simple tools to process and deal with stress is a vital part of managing the balancing act of your work and your life. It can affect your productivity at work, impact other areas of your life and affect you through physical symptoms – stomach pain, headaches and tiredness.

The process to treat stress and manage stress long term is not always easy. More and more we are expecting to succeed in this work/life juggling act (and look good doing it on our social media platforms). It’s no wonder we develop unrealistic expectations of ourselves and how we should present at work!

Learning how to relieve stress in your everyday life – especially work related stress – is important in ensuring unwanted habits don’t develop and that a deeper mental health issue doesn’t surface.

How can you reduce stress symptoms felt by work? 

1. Practice self-compassion.

One of the best antidotes to work stress is to learn how to quieten your inner critic and give yourself a healthy dose of self-compassion.  Learning to be kinder to yourself, not holding yourself to harsh standards and facing up to past pain and rejection are some of the key ways you can better manage your work stress. Stress management is key to a happy work/life balance.

2. Don’t take it personally. 

Finding a different perspective on the relationships you have at work and learning not to take everything personally is a vital step to reducing your emotional stress at work.

3. Say “no”. 

Learning to say “no” to other people’s demands and set healthy boundaries at work is another area where you can begin to take back control. Sometimes when we involve ourselves in other people’s dramas, it adds to our own load of stress. And you’ve got enough on your plate! 

Finding time for stress relief – whether it be bingeing on TV or reading a good book – stress reduction is key.

3. Put yourself first.

Always putting others first and taking undue responsibility for other people’s problems can very quickly erode your own well being. This can be a difficult pattern to unwind from when you are used to feeling a sense of satisfaction from hearing other people’s issues at work. A lot of people come to rely on it.

Whether the stress you are feeling comes from internal or external sources, are big or small, isolated in time or accumulated from countless repetition over the years, stress in any form can have a long-lasting and damaging effect. So take some time out to meditate, go into a deeply relaxed state for a few minutes or focus on something you love to improve your overall health.

How can you deal with work stress?

To maintain a healthy mind and body you need healthy food, plenty of sleep and regular exercise. But often, when faced with the many and varied stresses of work, you will need more. 

There can be real and tangible benefits from learning specific skills and developing your own tools to manage the stress in your life. This is where hypnotherapy comes in. It is a highly effective treatment to understand your fears (and how they contribute to your feelings about work) and how your body responds in physical and emotional ways.

Our Brisbane Work Stress Hypnosis Clinic

At Shift at Brisbane Natural Health, we offer a holistic approach to health by looking at your emotional and physical wellness.

“The first step to healing is discovering what got you there in the first place, and what all of the contributing factors are. Once you understand what you’re dealing with you can then take action to make the shift. ” – Katherine Maslen


What does hypnosis involve? 

Clinical hypnotherapy works to address the relationship between stress and your symptoms and can offer you tools to deal with your work stress more effectively.  

Hypnosis can:

  • allow you to learn the art of calm and how to regulate your stress responses.

  • help you to find different and more helpful perspectives and resolve inner-conflict. 

  • help you learn to manage, and even to escape, the often debilitating results of stress on your mind and body.

Does hypnosis work for treating work stress?

A session of clinical hypnotherapy to treat work stress is highly beneficial. In this initial session allow yourself to feel the stress release – and experience it through your whole body. This technique creates an awareness, focus and feelings around how you view work and is proven to benefit patients’ lives. It can allow you to tap into your own inner resources to learn different and more helpful ways of managing the complexities of life.

How can I see a hypnotherapist?

Booking a hypnotherapy appointment at Shift at Brisbane Natural Health is easy. Simply head to our online booking form here or call us on 07 3367 0337. Hypnotherapy appointments can also be done online from anywhere in the world. 

At Shift, our hypnotherapist Rebecca Eather has over 10 years of experience in hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and other techniques to help you to shift your mind in a positive way. Rebecca is also the creator of our popular Mind Shift program and has helped thousands of clients to make their shift.

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