Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Hypnotherapy And Anxiety

Providers of clinical hypnotherapy to help with anxiety issues and disorders

For many of us, anxiety can cause constant stress and pressure in our lives. You may feel trapped in a negative cycle of fear and worry, and feel like you are a prisoner of your own brain. 

Anxiety robs us of our presence, purpose, and joy in life and negatively affects our relationships with ourselves and those around us. Hypnotherapy is a great option to treat anxiety – helping to ease your stress and fears and improve your mental health.

Signs and symptoms of anxiety

Top 10 signs of anxiety:

  1.  Frequently find yourself thinking and fretting about things that happened weeks or months ago.
  2. When you make a mistake at work, or even in your personal life, you have a hard time letting it go and beat yourself up over it.
  3. Trouble sleeping because you’re playing over the day you just had in your head relentlessly.
  4. Out of nowhere, your throat feels incredibly tight and it becomes hard to catch your breath.
  5. Constantly apologising for the smallest of things that other people wouldn’t even think twice about.
  6. Having thoughts about your future at least once a day, and can’t seem to calm down about what’s next.
  7. Nail biting or other similar nervous habits that occur without even noticing.
  8. Avoid confrontation at all costs. The thought of confrontation creates negative physical sensations and mental images.
  9. Sense of dread or feeling for no reason that you are in danger.
  10. Digestion problems that seem to happen after stressful situations or encounters.

Are you experiencing one, or several, of these symptoms?

We are here to support you with any mental health condition you are concerned about. People often come to us with anxiety disorders and have been to their medical doctor, or sought other professional medical advice that has been unable to help them long term.

At Shift at Brisbane Natural Health, we have a range of services that can help you improve your mental health and ultimately, help you live a happier and healthier life. One of the most common treatments we recommend for anxiety is hypnosis – or clinical hypnotherapy. This therapy is used to help treat any anxiety disorder or panic disorder as well as treat depression, panic attacks, dissociative disorders and fear disorders. It is also an effective method to support weight loss, struggles with gambling and quitting smoking.

What does hypnosis involve?

When you think of hypnosis, you may imagine what you’ve seen on TV during stage hypnosis or in a movie. Clinical hypnosis is very different and it can’t make you do anything that you don’t want to do. When you’re in hypnosis, it is called being in a trance state or hypnotic state.

Trance is like being in deep meditation. It uses guided relation, concentration and focused attention to achieve heightened awareness. Your body will be relaxed and you’ll usually feel calmer. These benefits are often an enormous relief from the symptoms of anxiety.

In this relaxed state, you can access your subconscious mind – those deeper parts of yourself that are sometimes not immediately apparent.

Over 90% of your mind is subconscious and this is where our most deep-seated beliefs and values are stored. By accessing this part of ourselves, we can treat you and make significant changes and help to release emotions and past traumas so that you can heal and overcome your anxiety symptoms.

It is in the safety of the relaxed state of hypnosis that you can more easily process the triggers of your anxiety, and treat your concerns directly.

This means you can begin to build a bridge between the fearful experience and the present and teach your mind and body to trust. Trust that it is now safe and that you can choose how you would like to respond in any given circumstance.

Does hypnosis work for treating anxiety?

Yes, hypnosis is a great way to treat the underlying causes of your anxiety and improve your daily life. Most people will need several hypnotherapy sessions to treat their health concerns. You can understand more about how hypnotherapy can help treat various health conditions here.

How hypnotherapy can help you overcome anxiety issues

When clients come to see us at Shift at Brisbane Natural Health for anxiety and depression, it is rarely because of just fear, worry or panic – there’s always an underlying cause that we then develop a specific treatment plan for. We use several techniques including guided relaxation and simple mind control to take your brain to a safe, altered state. You will finish the session feeling calm and after a few sessions, you will see improvement in how you feel and your well being.

An important part of the process is exploring the triggers for your anxiety. We ask you questions like:

  • What causes your anxiety episodes?

  • What historical point/s in your past may have initiated the onset, such as trauma or grief?

  • What physiological processes are in play?

  • What other strategies will support your healing?

Three pillars of overcoming anxiety in hypnotherapy

“Anxiety is a distorted perception where you are overestimating risk in your life and underestimating your inner strengths.” Hypnotherapy can help you find new perceptions and learn how to access your strengths. 

1. Finding release 

One of the first stages of working with your anxiety using hypnotherapy is to look at one of the first times at these symptoms first appeared in your body. 

It is possible in the safety of hypnosis to look at this stressful experience or emotion with a degree of distance that the trance offers. Often people remember small events that may have felt insignificant at the time but have set us up with a limiting belief about ourselves that is not helpful. This belief keeps us stuck in a state of stress when you are exposed to your particular trigger, or environment.

In the safety of hypnosis, and with a qualified therapist’s support and guidance, you can begin to release the intensity of the emotions and physical symptoms of anxiety.

2. Reframing your experiences 

In hypnosis, it is possible to see where your trigger was first pulled, yet be able to place some distance between you and this event. In this space, we can begin to use our kind, compassionate, adult wisdom to see the bigger picture and reframe the experience.  

Maybe you can forgive yourself, or see a higher perspective?

Maybe you can comfort that part of you that is still a frightened child?

Maybe you can find a deeper compassion for yourself and the fallout from any trauma with more understanding?

By making meaning from these stressful situations our pain allows our brain and nervous system to process, integrate and move out of the fight or flight response and move into peace, calm and understanding.

3. Recreating what you experienced 

Using self hypnosis you can allow your unconscious mind to recreate the anxiety-provoking experience from being ‘terrifying’ into something ‘safe, secure and grounding’. This is powerful. 

Your unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real and vividly imagined. This is why we can experience anxiety over something that is in the past, or the future. 

We can use this part of our brains to help overcome trauma and treat anxiety – you do this by re-imagining the “trigger” moment and making it something that is empowering for you. 

You can learn new ways of becoming more calm, confident and in control and practice the situations that once caused you to feel anxiety. And we are here to help you.

Our Brisbane Anxiety Hypnosis Clinic

What to expect from your first hypnosis session


An initial hypnotherapy appointment is $195 and is approximately 90 minutes long. Return appointments are $180 and are 60 minutes long. Our well-known Quit Smoking Program is just $495 for the session.


You can book your appointment using our easy online appointment scheduler 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Book your hypnotherapy appointment here.

The current wait time for an appointment is approximately 1-3 weeks – be sure to check the next few weeks for availability in your search results. If you have an urgent concern that cannot wait, please call us on 07 3367 0337 and we will do our best to fit you in earlier.


When you arrive at Shift at Brisbane Natural Health you will start your appointment with our hypnotist learning more about you and what you’d like to work on using hypnotherapy. During the initial 90 minute session, we spend a lot of time guiding you into a relaxed state. We want to create an environment where you feel safe and secure and able to share your issues. We have an amazing team who will make sure you are comfortable during and after your session.


Hypnotherapy can help to facilitate some profound changes in your body. Patients that benefit the most are those that have identified that they have some habits, behaviours or thought processes that are not healthy – and they want to make a change.

There are several reasons to try hypnotherapy for anxiety and depression or weight loss or quit smoking hypnosis at Shift at Brisbane Natural Health.

Hypnotherapy is safe, affordable and effective for the treatment of many issues. Think of it as healing and strengthening the mental and emotional parts of you. The part where we often store our most deep-seated fears and the part which can stop us from reaching our full potential.

What hypnotherapy techniques do we use?

When you’re in hypnosis,  several techniques can be used to support relief from your anxiety.

Timeline Therapy

This is gently and safely going back to points in the timeline of your life where you may have experienced trauma that is causing you issues today. 

This does not mean that you will be re-traumatised all over again, it just allows you to briefly look at the strong emotions that were present at that moment to find a different relationship to your experience. 

 We can then facilitate the release of stored emotions or help you to make the realisations that you need to truly heal and to find freedom from the past psychological residue that is impacting your present.

Parts Therapy

Looking at the different parts of yourself. Which ones are more dominant? Which ones do we want to bring forward? For example, there may be a part of you that is motivated for change, to connect differently with people, to challenge the negative self-talk, but the part of you that is frightened, withdrawn and stressed in us is more dominant. 

We can work to bring forward the calm, self-compassionate and brave parts of ourselves in this type of therapy.

Emotional Detox

This is where we identify emotions that you are holding on to and take you through a process to release them using guided visualisations under hypnosis.

Related services

Ready to see a Shift Hypnotherapist?

Hypnotherapy appointments can be done face-to-face or online from anywhere in the world. We help our patients with hypnotherapy every day to work through all kinds of issues including anxiety and other mental health conditions.

At Shift, our highly trained therapist Rebecca Eather uses a combination of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and other techniques to help you to Shift your mind. Rebecca is the creator of our popular Mind Shift program and has helped thousands of clients to make their Shift.

Head here to book an appointment online or call us on 07 3667 0337.

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