Kristina Nott is an emotional wellness expert at Shift Brisbane. She is a kinesiologist,  Holographic Kinetics (HK) Practitioner and also a practitioner of Acutonics. She is a multi-skilled practitioner with an absolute passion for helping people to reconnect to themselves and take their health back into their own hands.

Through her own health issues, her children’s and her mothers experience with cancer she developed a strong desire to know why things go wrong. She has spent years dedicating herself to the study of the human body, mind and spirit and what impacts us as humans. She uses techniques that are in harmony with the body, supporting wellness from the inside – out on every level.

After maintaining her children’s health and well-being through mostly naturopathy, homeopathy and kinesiology, kinesiology and the amazing technique of muscle monitoring captivated her the most. Watching the practitioner communicate with her children’s subconscious mind to access the cause of their issue within their own body was, she felt was ‘miraculous’ and made complete sense to her. It was this that lead her to study kinesiology and begin her career as a healer.

Utilising a biofeedback technique discovered over 100 years ago, Kinesiology engages Western and Eastern science, knowledge and understanding in structure, physiology, biochemistry, emotion and energy to access priority factors and stress blocking balance.

Holographic Kinetics looks at the deeper levels of Cause and Effect at the level of Spirit (or on a soul level), which recurring patterns occur in our lives and how we can help to break them.

Acutonics uses the ancient system of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), but rather than using acupuncture needles tuning forks are used instead. These forks each have different vibrations that resonate along the acupuncture points and meridians to balance the body.

Kristina has found these modalities highly successful in facilitating deep healing and change with physical and emotional issues. Pain, digestive issues, nutritional imbalance, toxicity, immune system health, stress, depression, fatigue, sleep issues, relationship issues, emotional issues and disempowering recurring patterns list some of the possible issues suitable for the modalities she offers.

Kristina is passionate about supporting and facilitating health and wellness for clients who are keen to access the cause of their issue and take responsibility for their thoughts, words and actions in creating the change they seek. She may use one or more of her available modalities during your session, which can facilitate deep and lasting healing.

To make an appointment with Kristina at Shift, call us on 07 3367 0337 or email her at