About Virtual Gastric Banding at Brisbane Natural Health

Have you struggled for years to maintain your weight within a healthy range? Have you tried eating healthily and exercising, but aren’t getting the results you need? Do you have issues with overeating? Want to get the benefits of a gastric band procedure without the danger of surgery? Then virtual gastric banding hypnotherapy may be for you.

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What is it?

Virtual gastric banding is the name for an approach to hypnotherapy which focuses on a client’s overeating, overactive appetite, and overall relationship with food. Beginning with a general discussion of the issue at hand, the therapist asks specific questions designed to help develop an outline of the client’s background, needs, desires, and goals. Later in the session, or in a subsequent session, the therapist will induce a hypnotic state in the client, in which powerful ‘suggestions’ can be made to their subconscious to help break their current behaviour patterns and instil new ones.

When it is done correctly, it results in the client feeling full soon after eating, reduced cravings, and dramatically improved ability to control impulsive eating. Essentially, the client’s mind is ‘retrained’ to be satisfied with less food.

How effective is it?

In our experience, patients who undergo a program of virtual gastric banding with a clinical hypnotherapist at Brisbane Natural Health achieve an average weight loss of 1-2 kilos per week whilst undergoing treatment, and an average of 20 kilos after successfully completing a program. Clinical studies of gastric banding have shown average weight loss of 2-3kg in the first week, and then 1kg per week thereafter.

Virtual gastric banding at Brisbane Natural Health with Atma Edwards

Hypnotherapist Andrea Trzcinski has completed hypno-band training and offers the virtual gastric band therapy at Brisbane Natural Health. We have found comparable results to the study mentioned above with patients losing significant amounts of weight in a short period of time.

Andrea has been working for over 21 years with clients who want to lose weight and will continue to offer a standard weight management program, however she recommends hypno-band for most people to achieve their goals. Virtual gastric banding has proven to be one of the most useful therapeutic advances in hypnotherapy techniques we have seen for a long time.

Getting started

For more information or to book your initial appointment, call (07) 3367 0337 today.


For more information or to book your initial appointment, call (07) 3367 0337 today.