Carrying a baby around is hard work! Pregnany massage can really help a mother relax and unwind. Our massage therapists at Shift at Brisbane Natural Health are trained in effective and safe pregnancy massage techniques. We have lots of pillows to get you feeling comfortable, and our massage therapists will choose a position for you that is safe for your level of pregnancy and your body shape.

Pregnancy massage can help increase circulation and decrease swelling and leg discomfort that is often associated with pregnancy. It can also help to reduce stress on the back, ankles, hips and knees which makes it easier to move.

By improving circulation and lymphatic flow, pregnancy massage can help to improve blood flow to both mother and baby, helping to get nutrients to your tissues and to your baby.

Studies have also shown that pregnancy massage can have great effects on your moods, leading to less depression, anxiety and sleep issues and a lowered heart rate. This may be due to the higher levels of serotonin and dopamine (your feel-good neurotransmitters) and lower levels of stress hormones that women receiving pregnancy massage have been found to have.

Prenatally depressed women who have pregnancy massage have proven to have lower levels of anxiety, less depression and less leg and back pain.

With so many reasons to get a pregnancy massage, why not book yours at Shift at Brisbane Natural Health today?

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