Naturopathy involves the use of natural medicines and lifestyle advice to help to correct illness. But before your naturopath prescribes you these medicines, they need to know what to give you first.

How does a naturopath know what to prescribe?

Our naturopaths decide to prescribe you certain medicines based on a number of factors’

  • Your specific symptoms
  • Your family history
  • Your body signs, such as tongue and nail analysis and iridology.
  • Your blood or other pathology results

Your naturopath will use all of this information along with their training and clinical experience to decide on what medicines will be best for you. No two treatment plans are the same as each individual has specific needs and will respond to different treatment to someone else.

What medicines might a naturopath prescribe?

A naturopath may prescribe herbal medicines in a liquid or tablet form, nutritional supplements, food supplements, flower essences or other natural remedies to correct wellness.

What dietary advice to naturopaths give?

Our naturopaths look at your individual circumstances when recommending diet and lifestyle changes. They may recommend that you avoid certain foods that could be causing you problems. They will also assess if you are getting enough of the essential vitamins and minerals in your diet, and if you are not they will help you make changes to improve nutritional content.

What examinations do naturopaths do?

Our naturopaths use a number of different clinical examination techniques to see what is going on in your body.

Tongue analysis can give us clues about your digestive and liver health and show certain nutrient deficiencies.

Nail analysis can give information about your tissue health and can show nutrient deficiencies.

Iridology is the study of the iris of the eye. It can give information about certain organ weaknesses, digestive health and nervous system health.

Live Blood Analysis looks at a drop of your blood under the microscope to give signs of imbalances.

Bioimpedance (VLA) can show us your body composition and if there is inflammation or cell damage in the body.

How do I make an appointment to see a naturopath at Brisbane Natural Health?

Call us on 07 3367 0337 or use the booking button below to make your appointment online.